important mesage to my twitter followers want to individually get to know you

I keep saying I’m gonna make this post but keep forgetting.

It’s short and I hope helpful.

I’m amazed about the number of amazing people on twitter sharing life experiences and possible connections are endless. I really hate the character limit and the group chats are very hard to follow. I also forget to go on the site often. I am glad that my blog posts are going up there and will keep doing that.

But I want to make more of an effort to personally get to know my followers. A couple I have really connected with, particularly TC! Titanium cranium so yay!

Getting a chance to connect in DM would be good. Soon as possible transitioning over to FB messaging or e-mail would be better as I’m more on fb than twitter and it just works best for me. E-mail is the best way to communicate honestly.

You can always ignore if not interested don’t want to endlessly stalk anyone trying to make a friend. But hoping some will be open to connecting in this way and am so happy you all follow my blog. I’m getting some new twitter followers based on the posts going there I think so yay.

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