The box from square trade finally came!

Hey everyone,

Today was pretty quiet. I got such a good night’s sleep after my big day yesterday with Robbie! Robbie did you sleep well?

So today mostly chillaxed. Itchy spots are back with a vengeance. I swear it’s stress because they’ll literally be there one minute and fade away the next. They tend to show up in similar areas. But come and go in a weird way like my regular rashes tend to do.

So yeah that was enjoyable. Being told not to scratch every five minutes. You itch how can you not scratch?

The organization I am volunteering with as I previously mentioned is having a huge event this weekend. It’s actually going well in that even the many of us who are home are in constant contact with others there so we don’t feel as left out. They’re also live streaming stuff which is awesome!

Although I was having major problems trying to get live stream to work on the fb mobile site so was literally playing with it all afternoon.

I’ve never done any live stream anything before.

We will be able to watch the videos for later which is really good.

Oh so the big news about the box from square trade did come in yesterday I think! But Jonathan is still in Arizona chillaxing in the sun. And we never did figure out whether he backed up the system. So to be totally safe we’re waiting for his return on Tuesday. But so happy to have the box here finally. It will finally be sent after like two months to a place that will actually fix it!

This weekend we’re hanging out. Tomorrow is chillax day. Probably will be doing more stuff with my ipod and braille sense connected. Robbie and I didn’t have time to do much ipod stuff. The long signing lesson was worth it though! We did download vorail for those of you who use that ap I’ll be signed up soon.

Any other easy ap recommendations would be great. Sunday is Walmart

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