good sunday looking forward to the week

Hi everyone,

So today was pretty good.

Walmart was kinda hard very frustrating on paratransit having to wait for someone for like a half hour.

Then the store was chaotic and crowded and we didn’t have money for burger king. But we got the esentials and some extra chocolate bars. And some lotion for my skin which will hopefully help overall.

Then we came back home and just relaxed. This week I’m looking forward to: Mr. J coming back Tuesday. Him sending the computer out to square trade hopefully this week! Him getting the cell phone battery we ordered in my phone has been shutting off on me more and more. Hopefully being able to dig up resumes again for the two open PRSC spots that’s like my favorite activity!

Also going to Jess’s school for her advising session for next semester. Really don’t have a lot else planned. Will probably do some stuff with my ipod touch. Robbie and I downloaded the vorial ap which I’ll get set up and some more reading with my kindle books.

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