Gateway supportive living/ SLFS in general

Hi everyone,

So I know a few weeks back I posted about my phone call with Kim from gateway, a new supportive living complex starting in Peoria a few hours away.

Wanted to share their website

Here’s the phone number to call


The person to e-mail is Kim in marketing

Kim Swise (marketing)


It’s so new there’s not much there.

Basically saying that there are 105 apartments. That they’ll have services such as: meals, housekeeping, help with management of meds, transportation to doctors apointments, shopping/ activities. Basically what friedman was like. Except it’s for 22:64 with any disability. Psychiatric disabilities are excepted with the idea being that you’d get those services outside the facility, finding your own psychiatrists therapist ETC. How this translates into how much emotional support you’d get from staff in actuality is to be determined and something I’d explore in depth a million times over if I were to apply.

That said I feel it would be helpful for anyone with a disability where getting access to basic things like food, meds, being totally isolated ETC are huge issues. The services provided would take care of these things as well as provide a sense of community and 24 hour staff. As it’s assisted living people can come and go as they please and create an independent life for themselves with as much or as little support as they need.

I was told that they will have a list of doctors and even a clinic where doctors can come to the facility and a pharmacy that delivers meds to the apartment.

So for anyone on this age group who’s disabled in any way, I’d say it’s worth shooting them an e-mail and/or phone call. Kim has been nothing but nice about everything including personally driving us to tour the place hours away.

I’m not emotionally ready for that but so grateful for her offer. As they’re brand new they have the excitement of a brand new starting up feeling and seem flexible around a lot of things such as the mental illness part of things. I know other SLFS that don’t allow those with mental illness at all. I want to see both how they’re managing after a year or so and if they’ve changed any rules.

But you might ask yourself how would someone on Medicaid even get into an assisted living complex? As in pretty much all states I’ve looked into assisted living is funded through medicare or private funds.

IL is unique in having the SLF or supportive living license.

Here’s information taken right from the website:

Illinois developed the Supportive Living Program as an alternative to nursing home care for low-income older persons and persons with disabilities under Medicaid.

By combining apartment-style housing with personal care and other services, residents can live independently and take part in decision-making. Personal choice, dignity, privacy and individuality are emphasized.

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services has obtained a "waiver" to allow payment for services that are not routinely covered by Medicaid. These include personal care, homemaking, laundry, medication supervision, social activities, recreation and 24-hour staff to meet residents’ scheduled and unscheduled needs. The resident is responsible for paying the cost of room and board at the facility.

The site contains documents concerning this lists all facilities, and FAQS

I plan to do more research about this waiver and how all this started and has been able to continue to flourish despite the economy and service cuts. If other states could replicate this waiver it would mean so much to elderly and disabled people who do not want or need nursing home care and can not afford assistive living.

If any of my readers know the right people I should be connecting with in various states or have any personal contacts would love to hear from you! I assume the department of aging and disability in each state would be the best place to start.

I hope this information is helpful and I will keep you updated in my search for information on this subject

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