great day Jonathan is back!

Hey everyone,

So today was great. Jonathan was back and so excited to see him all refreshed. Incredibly before going away he took the computer to his apartment and did the system cloneing. So he says, ready…. He’s sending it out tomorrow! Can you believe it? Months in the making here.

He also got my cell phone battery going so no more worries about the phone randomly shutting off.

Stephanie put it in though he said he’d do it but got caught up with stuff. We have this joke about him coming to my room to lay on my floor and chat away as he’s done before, once high on painkillers!

Speaking of I heard from stephanie that Vesur one of our newer people and her office mate had a terrible accident and broke her leg falling down the stairs at home. She needs surgery and won’t be back for awhile.

They still have the two open spots and with one going on maternity leave at some point. So yeah hoping Jonathan will let me go resume hunting as I love to do.

Started listened to a new Casey Watson book. I love her books my only wish is that all of them would be put in audio which seems to be something hard to find out why when other similar authors under the same publishers have been able to so quickly. So will keep figuring out a way forward with that.

Other than that things are good. Jess says she wants to push her advising appointment back so will be just hanging out here this week.

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