short update


So short update for today. Might have said a couple of these things in the last couple days sorry.

Monday I found out fur sure that Aetna insurance is not leaving the state of IL! Was about to call my caseworker from Aetna who comes by to check that you’re getting taken care of basically, every few months and then he knocked on my door. He reassured me like four times that they’re not leaving. Huge sigh of relief don’t need to bug ten million people about this.

I got my new cell phone battery so no random phone turning off stuff!

The HP computer was cloned before Jonathan left on vacation, and should be sent out either today or tomorrow.

There are two PRSC openings really want to help Mr. J job hunt but have to wait til he says yes LOL!

My mom is doing really bad medically major back issues and high blood sugar and stuff. So we’ll see what happens. Has similar things in her back that she did to her neck so yeah.

Other than that I’m doing well.

It’s a relaxing week no need to go out which I’m happy with.

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