upcoming health issues for those around me

So my mom and friend are going through some medical issues right now. I’m so glad to be doing well myself minus the still itchy spots. Thank you ointment that we’re getting as prescribed now, and things are looking a whole lot better.

So the first thing is my mom. She dealt with the disks in her neck last year. She’s been putting off doing her back for way too long. She also has hip issues but the back makes it all worse. She finally had a MRI to see what they’re dealing with. Three hynerated disks and two pinched nerves later!

She has an appointment with the doctor who did the first surgery who’s like one of the best. It’s not til the end of the month but they’re gonna try and make it sooner. In the meantime do physical therapy.

I am worried for her but at the same time I know she’s had these physical problems for so long and really neglects herself then complains that she’s neglecting herself/ no time for her.

But I’m glad she’s making time.

A second issue is believe it or not she’s borderline diabetic. We really don’t know how that is as I know she’s a very healthy eater. She doesn’t have any kinda routine with eating and often doesn’t eat in the morning. Plus stress and her age, she’s early sixties late fifties I think could be a factor. She’s going to a nutritionist instead of getting meds she can’t tolerate.

I really do wish I could be there for herphysically somehow. Knowing this is going on probably means the visit home won’t happen til early 2017. She’s excitedsaying that after all this is done she’ll be ready

To have us over. Of course she said the same when she had her neck done so we’ll see.

In other news Jess is going to go for a trial of that cpap bipap mask thing for if you have sleep apnia. Her weight I guess is what’s causing it and she’s unable to breathe properly at night. I had a feeling as I often hear her snore and gasp for air for a second. I know they’re pretty uncomfortable and I freak out over the slightest medical issue if it were me but she’s handling it well. Doesn’t like it but doesn’t want it to get worse. This likely has gone undetected for years sadly.

I do try to be there for my mom emotionally. We’ll talk for an hour about everything tell her funny/ frustrating stories of life here she entertains me with antics from crazy coworkers at her retail job. I sent an e-mail saying I was thinking of her when she had her Dr. visit yesterday.

Of course I will worry about Jess and this mask thing and that she does have the apnia. It’s very scary to think the person justBut I hope the mask will help and then she might have more energy during the day. How she can do homework is beyond me. She’s still doing very very well at school.

Just wanted to update on this so if I mention it again you have the basic idea.

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2 thoughts on “upcoming health issues for those around me

  1. Sam, I have sleep apnea. It went undiagnosed until Pat discovered that I was gasping for breath and actually would stop breathing for a minute and then wake up and start breathing again. So I went and had a sleep study done. Duiring the study they put electrodes on different parts of my body kind of like they do for an e k g and then they monitored my sleep. They found out I was waking up 39 times an hour. NO wonder I wasn’t getting any sleep and was tired the whole time. Then halfway through the night they put this mask on me to see if it would help. Pat ws in the room with me while they did the study. They let him come and be there with me for the first study. I actually had another one later and he didn’t come for that one. Anyway I had a really hard time tolerating the mask. It was very triggering. I can’t stand to have something over my face. I did get a machine and tried multiple times to wear the mask but someone kept waking up and pulling it off during the night so after a few weeks I gave it up. oh yeah I forgot, they told me they didn’t want me taking any sleep meds while I was doing the study. I’m not sure why that was. I guess the meds could have affected things. Anyway I didn’t do what they said. I took some sleep meds anyway. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to sleep without them. So that’s my apnea experience. I know I still have it and it is scary knowing that people have died from it being untreated. There is surgery you can have for it too but it doesn’t help a lot of people and there are terrible side effects to it. So I didn’t seriously consider it. I had a second sleep study done a year or so later after I had lost some weight and the times I woke up per hour had gone from 39 to 19. So I know the weight was a factor for me. I am hoping to lose more weight and reduce the apnea even more. Laura Lyn

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