good day today computer sent off, Jonathan session odds and ends !

So today was pretty good.

Big news the HP was finally! Sent out!!

Interrupted him in a meeting today with a bunch of people in his office earlier and he said I could come in and he told me that. Said that the guy said it should get there in a few days and hopefully back in a week or two. Staff are like OMG it should take three weeks just to get there. Jonathan’s like not this place after all the trouble it was to set it up. Everyone laughed.

So took forever to see him at three. The lobby is like a zoo of people all wanting to see him! Arguing over who’s turn it is name calling and everything. If Jess hadn’t texted him and he hadn’t said stay we would have left. But we waited and I got my hour. He’s amazing that way. I absolutely do not for a minute take it for granted.

He took a look at the braille sense at the switch that doesn’t seem to want to turn on but will turn off. He says actually sometimes it just does turn on but it’s random and probably a lose connection. After his complete amazing success with the braillenote he’s eager to “take it apart and find out!”

We did address the money issue of all the stuff he bought. He was extremely generous, halved the amount though I could have paid it all eventually. He said he was proud that I came in and honestly asked about it. He said if I hadn’t I would have had to pay the whole amount LOL, and I’m sure he’d be less likely to buy stuff. He knopws we need the stuff and we can’t pay like $100 but it’s the point that one needs to pay something. He does this with all residents and it makes things not murky

I told him about my lovely skin. Told him the nursing drama. Especially being called a liar by the one nurse and the other just not caring. He listened. It came to me lamenting that why couldn’t I just have the stuff there, and him saying between us if I had a tube no one needed to know. And of course I told him! About our secret little purchase.

So that did make me feel better. He had teased at first that my arm looked like I’d have to be put in a 26 room, observation as there are scratches, non emotionally driven but yeah. Told him the theory that came to me in the middle of the night one night. That maybe my unconscious mind is creating a way for me to scratch in an acceptable way. I think I’m getting too into this book one of my favorites, where all the therapists are very psychoanalytic. Talking about information being somehow passed from therapist to client unconsciously. But anyway. He said maybe and that I was a clever girl if it was true.

So my skin problem is we need a refill. The tube we got was very small because we didn’t want to spend $6 or whatever and I was so paranoid about it. We can’t go to Walmart til next month. The little store across from here doesn’t have it. Places that do are too far for Jess or I to walk. The only two residents who could are my deaf friend and another who goes to the store for people but I think she takes money for it. Plus wouldn’t trust either of them with my debit card.

And I can’t just go with a staff because remember I’m not supposed to be buying this stuff.

But we’ll see what happens. Oh anyway so Mr. J was saying after all that that in the spiret of not keeping things in and learning to talk to people when it’s hard. I should report this to Karen ya know the whole drama and especially that they’re not even checking. That like it or not she’d make them put it on. It’s just soo weird. Like I know other residents who have treatments, what they call ointments and whatever. I don’t know if they’re just more demanding, which is probably some of it, or more medically needy probably some of it. Or they persist and deal with nursing’s so obviously doing it on their time. I’m glad that he sort of oked the ointment under the radar.

He was very happy with the conversation Stephanie and I had last week. Though for all that she didn’t show up tonight again! I really don’t like that. I know they’re short staff and there’s a newby there but Edith was so good at going out of her way to let me know beforehand if she was late. Or coming really late or the next day and being so genuinely sorry that it was just like melted your heart. I know what happened. She and another PRC probably got so busy and it just went out the window of her mind. The demanding residents get the attention. Believe me I know. I was talk of the PRSCS for months when I first came in with all my cutting. Just sad that’s what you have to do.

Really not much else going on. Oh my deaf friend came by and gently tucked my hair behind my ears and tried to sign something that I couldn’t figure out, with her hands on my hands but it was soo beyond cute!!

That’s my all over the place Friday update.

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One thought on “good day today computer sent off, Jonathan session odds and ends !

  1. great Jonathon okayed the cream. glad you felt comfy enough to talk to him about it. I think you should talk to Karen he’s right. then the nursing staff would have to do their job properly. xxx

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