is the new yahoo groups

Quick post but something I feel is important.

My own story about e-mail lists/ groups.

I’ve heard of e-mail lists like maybe late high school early college. Mostly stuff for the blind. But it seemed like a lot of anouncements and just weird stuff I’d never read. I didn’t think you actually got to know people on them.

Then in 2013 I was really unhappy with the forum I was using. Which was psych central. For the most part people were supportive. I didn’t feel they really understood how my blindness did, and didn’t play into my mental illness. Some people could be extremely hard on others particularly as many post like almost all day and give all the details of their experiences especially in therapy. To the point that the other members feel they “know” the person and their therapist. I thought that was pretty nuts. And nott sure how the therapists would feel if they knew their clients were spending huge parts of the day speculating about their therapy to strangers. Using words like “rupture” and “termination” and even trying to analyze the therapist’s feelings. And talking about everything from where they sit in the office, to what they and their therapist normally wear, to (and this really got to me) whether they go to the bathroom at therapy, more specifically poo!

So anyway with all that I got tired of the forum. And I got tired of moderators letting these know it alls keep know it alling. So I asked on the forum as I didn’t know where else, where you could start your own group and I was told yahoo groups.

Apparently this has been around since the 90s, and particularly early 2000 was very popular with huge mental health community groups. Huge DID groups apparently.

But I didn’t know that then. It seemed easy and accessible and so I started a group advertised it and went off. When I advertised it everyone seemed to know what yahoo groups and e-mail lists were.

But around 2014 yahoo groups really went downhill accessibility wise. Til there was no way for a blind person to use the site. For awhile I think the whole time we had a sighted moderator to do sighted visual things. And as time went on we needed that more and more. Until we had to leave it was just too crazy But there seemed to be ery little other options. I tried to get free lists to work for like two days it took forever and just never could even get it set up. Same with google groups just very weird. I was like really?

I don’t know how I learned about Probably Robbie he tells me about every new thing under the sun and if I have a problem there’s probably some new thing that I’ve never heard of to fix it. If it’s easy enough I’ll do it, if it sounds too complex for Sammy I fight Robbie on it LOL!

Lucky this wasn’t. And so we switched. And it’s been fine. It’s really just like yahoo groups.


It was started by mark fletcher let’s see what he has to say

Oh ok it was started September of 2014, right around the time yahoo crashed.

Oh wow ok so this guy literally started yahoo groups in 2000!

Ok so rather than you all reading a running commentary of my remarks as someone who didn’t do her research beforehand and has never read this article, you can just read it!

The one thing it did say that I’ll put as a major quote is”E-mail groups are still one of the best ways to communicate with people!!”

Maybe it’s because yahoo groups and google groups both kinda never were updated like this article says. But now when I advertise my group, or when I asked in my preferred methods of online support survey , many had never heard of an e-mail list/ group

I’m hoping that since I’ve found this awesome everything you need to know about it article, by the founder people will be more up to date on it and more eager to maybe join a group, like mine! Or start a group.

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