mental health book club e-mail group

Wanted to share a group I’ve just created.

There are so many mental health related books out there as there are so many different aspects to mental health. Self-help, psychology, memoirs fiction. This is like the one genre I read practically!

And I wanted a place where we could talk about any book in that category. And really have good discussions it. And if someone hasn’t read the book we could put a spoiler warning, or the person can just pass on by or they could find out the ending it’s just a book.

But I think these discussions will connect people and hopefully that will be the point of it. To get to know each other over a common interest.

The description and subscription links are below.

Really hoping some of my followers will join.

Group Description

Hello. This is a list to discuss all books pertaining to mental illness/ mental health. This could be self-help/ psychology, memoirs, fiction. I particularly li enjoreading and discussing young adult realistic fiction IE Ellen Hopkins, Sheryl Rainfield, Lauri Halse Anderson. Also authors like Casey Watson and Cathy Glass. We can find a structure as the group goes along. Perhaps reading one book a month and discussing or anyone posting about whatever their reading. Giving recommendations, quotes, discussion whatever. Please join for a stimulating and cool group of psychology/ mental health nerds!




Group Owner:

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