a yummylicious treatyby day!

Hi everyone,

Today was an awesome day!!

Because of Halloween we:

Ordered out for the second day in a row! Since I had pizza yesterday I had cheese bread today and cinnamon sticks later. I couldn’t finish those way too much overly sweet sugar. But it meant that we didn’t have to leave the floor which was a huge yay!!

They have a halloween party but I don’t go to any parties here because of the noise and crowds and just yeah not for Sammy

I got an ice cream sandwich twice in one weekend!!

I didn’t have to wash my hair!

I got candy earlier from Jess, all this stuff was from her by the way thank you Jess!!

So yeah I had an awesome chillaxing day. Listening to a the new casey Watson booktalking to people on e-mail and generally doing Sammy stuff.

I thought about Halloween at my house when I was younger. My favorite costume was me as a hawaian dancer girl with coconut bra and rass skirt. I liked eting toys along with candy. Remember when my mom went to the five and ten and got me a toon of toys so many that my fanny pack couldn’t even close! That was where I carried all the toys I threw back and forth in my hands and zoned out with. They had all kinds of small rubber toys like a witch, a pumpkin, a boxing kangaroo, and mom made me a teddy with pompos and glue gun. She did all this while I was at school and there were probably lots of other toys.

And then years later she threw out my fanny pack and said I didn’t have any interests that were normal.

I still like little toys better than candy fyi

So it was a yummylicious kinda day.

And tomorrow is the huge best treat ever! Ready… ready! We’re going to dunkin doughnuts!! And to CVS! Yay!

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