Dunkin doughnuts day!!

Hi everyone,

This has been the best day I’ve had in a long time! Like a real holiday like my birthday

Or Christmas or something!

First of all first day of November and it’s 70 out. That’s like already good perfect walking weather. The stupid paratransit people could not find the actual address for dunkins on their computer so we have them the address of the IHOP across the street. First we went to CVS. I was really really to get a ton of ointment. I bet my skin’s gonna heal really good now that it’s actually being treated instead of totally ignored by nursing. We looked at stufties. I could do that forever! They’re always soo soft at the store and then I play with them for like a week and they get all squished out and with rough fur. (there once was a cat named Sammy.. long story!) But Jess knows what I mean!

There wasn’t anything amazing. I wanted to get a horse and name it Krissy, obviously. I liked the turtle except it had a huge head. So yeah that was cool.

And then we walked across the street again and I didn’t freak out. Oh forgot to say I did take Ativan on the way out. And we went to dunkin doughnuts and it smelled so yummylicious. And it wasn’t crowded or loud. It was like Sammy haven because Jess got me a large strawberry and banana smoothie! With whipped cream! And I got my turkey bacon and chedar crossant and it was soo good!

Smoothies are amazing! I haven’t had one in like three years seriously! So it was like the biggest treat I could imagine and I just sat there with my mouth open like OMG! We took a picture and texted it to like everyone. My dad said I needed to take a five mile walk to walk off the smoothie. Mr. J was also impressed we saw him on the way in.

So yeah we totally chillaxed for an hour. We bought yummylicious cookies and munchkins and it was like yay snacks!!

We came home and since we knew we wouldn’t be hungry for dinner I took a nice bath and got into my hello kitty jamas and got ointmentthoroughly rubbed on. And I’m not itching at all!

So this has been the most amazing relaxing day! Jess says don’t get used to it since obviously we can’t spend money like this, you know me and stressing about it. But she said for one day don’t stress so I’m not, til tomorrow!

So yeah if you’re having a bad day just get a smoothie!

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2 thoughts on “Dunkin doughnuts day!!

  1. You probably have diabetes by now with the way you eat and the weight you gained. Embrace it, you’ll only get more attention and special treatment that no one else in the facility gets. Everyone else is treated like a filthy animal, but since you endlessly pimp your abusers in this blog and attract new victims to Albany Care you get anything you want.

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