myweird wednesday

Today was very off because we were having problems with the internet. It was going in and out for Jess but for me I couldn’t get access at all. We let Jonathan and Josh know and by three it was fixed. Thank goodness no one from the outside had to come in.

So I checked e-mails. I’m collaborating with a specific group of people in the organization I volunteer at to make important changes that affect volunteers with disabilities which is something I’m very passionate about. It’s nice to see momentum with this.

Am also excited about my two e-mail groups the mental health book club and blind ASL users.

I feel bad for Jess her hip is hurting. Probably from the walking we did yesterday plus arthritis. Hoping she’ll get a prescription for iboprophin from the Dr. I soo hate that over the counter stuff has to actually be prescribed. One of the very annoying things about this place. But we’ll go with it and see what goes on.

Have hardly itched today which I’m very happy about.

I think a new PRSC Michelle started todeay I can’t wait to learn more.

Other than that just did some organizing of my audio recordings. Have a very interesting post to make but will do tomorrow. Something that will make people think and hopefully start a good discussion.

In the meantime I hope people have a good night.

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2 thoughts on “myweird wednesday

  1. Oh yea, I am definitely am going to have a good night, Sammy. I get to enjoy the night and not have to worry about laundry or most other chores around here. I do have to thoroughly make my bed tomorrow, put clean clothes away, and do a little more homework. But that is a part of life around here now.

    There are so many new PRSC’s around here now… UGH. Sometimes I just hate how much staff turnover there is here… but at least I have a great PRCS (Nekia!). And I do think that you are finally starting to feel comfortable around Stephanie (to a certain extent, at least).

    Do you want to do my homework for me? I can let you do my math homework? Or how about take a couple of quizes for me? Or better yet, take my Anthropology exam next week?

    LOL, or how about you do the sleep study for me? 😉

    Actually, I know that I will be okay there (been to one sleep study already, so I know that I can handle it)… but at least you get to have a good night that night. 🙂

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