backwards but productive sunday

So we turned the clocks back an hour last night.

The hour of sleep must have helped because I was actually awake in the morning. Took awhile to get my breakfast upstairs because the person who normally does it was monitoring, and by that time I was on the computer. So decided to stay up all morning. I never do this! I can’t remember the last time probably when Jess and I went to a college she had wanted to go to but it fell through.

Anyway I was fine until having to go downstairs for lunch. Or gross food along with chaos. So got super exhausted and napped til like three.

Jess and I have been getting way too many snacks lately. Things that are usually rare treats I’ve been getting like almost everyday. A lot of ordering out. You know how the food is and we had a little extra cash on hand than normal. But it’s made my stomach off. Going from fruit plate to sweets to that horrible pasta LOL! So yeah decided to just intirely skip dinner which too is rare. All I would have eaten was a cold greasy grilled cheese or another fruit plate neither of which would have helped. So I got to just hang out in my PJS early.

But today was also productive in that all the things I had said I wanted to do today in terms of connecting/ contacting different people online got done.

This week will be a full one. Jess has her sleep study Tuesday night. She will also get an x-ray of her hip as it really was bothering her earlier in the week. At least the Dr. prescribed ibprofin only for one week though weird.

So who knows when that will happen appointments are so chaotic and frustrating around here. Then she has a test at her school so we’ll be going sometime. Then it will be Walmart s shopping!

Oh talked with my mom. She had a huge cold plus allergies plus her terrible back issues. She’s going to see the Dr. on the 30th. She’s so certain that since her neck surgery went so well this will too. She thinks she’ll be up and around in no time. But it’s three screwed up discs instead of two plus the pinched nerves.

It will be great for her to actually be able to walk and not hobble around. She had wanted Jess and I to visit for Christmas said that would be our big present. But she is pretty sure they’ll do the surgery right before or even on Christmas. Mom teased that the dr. could quickly do the surgery and then go to Paris as long as it gets done LOL!

I said if we came back we could just push her in a wheelchair. Which was funny. Anyway she wants me to come up with Christmas presents early. I wish I could give them stuff for Christmas but they don’t want me spending money on them.

So that was a good solid conversation.

That’s about all for today.

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