a relaxing day but do have some anxiety

Today was pretty good. Along with putting a call into Rockhill I did some other stuff. Sent Jonathan information on Edens

As he was saying how good it would be if the supportive living place that Jess and I went to theoretically, were in Chicago. Edens is the only one in Chicago. So yeah. We did our own investigating of it and I know the staff were not too friendly. I like gateway for being off the wall excited about opening and stuff like that. but we’ll see. It’s been awhile since I gave him an assignment not tech related.

Tried to send my sister a birthday card from the braille super store but the custom ones where you put your own message were gone I couldn’t find them.

Got two audio books from Jess as early Christmas presents yay!

Still need to finish the casey Watson one I’m reading. And I just started one on my braillenote. Usually have an audio book and a braillenote book going at the same time.

I honestly forget what else I did except we ordered out from a new restaurant. Jess said it was an early thanksgiving. We got chicken fingers and French fries. The fries had bacon and chees sauce on them. Did not like the cheese sauce but otherwise they were ok. The chicken fingers were good just a lot of them even for a small portion. And we got big yummylicious brownies that I’m saving mine for tomorrow.

I am getting anxious about tomorrow because Jess has her second sleep study. This one is to test that apnia mask, to see how she does with it. And if it works she’ll have to like actually bring a medical mask home here! Like a legit medical thing in our room! Just wow really makes me sad that she has to wear a mask at night just to breathe regularly when sleeping.

One thing about Gateway is when they heard about her physical problems they sounded really reassuring about knowing how to handle them. Like helping with weight and stuff. Anyway I don’t like the thought of her having to take a taxi there and back like the other time and being alone in the hospital and everything. Just sad and anxious. At least her hip is doing better that was really worrying too.

Wish I could wave a magic wand and take all her medical problems away. Sigh.

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