called Jenifer at Rockhill Manor

Hi everyone,

So my big accomplishment of the day was talking with Jennifer the admin of Rockhill Manor.

To recap Rockhill Manor is an Assisted living facility for people with chronic mental illness. It’s in Kansas City Missouri.

Below is the website

Today I was trying to look up any info I could about them online. Really not much other than the website. There’s a page called our family that describes the main staff

They sound really nice and like they’ve been there a long time and very qualified. Since I couldn’t find anything else on them I decided to call again.

Though I hate doing it I did leave a message for Jennifer. About an hour later she called back. We had a good ten minute talk. I had just wanted the first all important question answered about whether they accept out of state residents. So I didn’t have every single question answered like I had with Gateway.

So the answer on out of state people is it depends on financial stuff. They accept private pay, Medicaid, and medicare and social security. For Medicaid they said if I were accepted there I’d have to switch my Medicaid from IL to MO Medicaid which would take a little while. I said I remembered this from moving from MA and explained that story.

She said I’d need to send what we call here “the packet” (meds, nursing notes, psychological evaluation ETC). Then they’d decide, she, the director of nursing and I think the psychologist, whether I’d be a good fit.

I did mention Jess and that we’re a package. I think that eased any anxiety she might have when I did tell her I’m blind. That and I said if the building was small which this sounds like it is I could learn to get around easily. Anything without two hundred people in small hallways and elavators would be nice.

Since that went well I asked about anything she could tell me. Again didn’t have my questions handy so forgot to ask the obvious of how many people live there. The range of ages is twenties to 90 which is good to see! She said they have a daily activity schedule which changes every eight weeks to keep refreshed. They have a doctor that comes once a week, a psychologist weekly, and a psychiatrist weekly. The psychologist does individual and group therapy. I may write her out of curiosity and ask for a sample activity calendar and list of groups if they have them.

She said it’s basically like here. They manage meds, provide “three really good meals!” her words, housekeeping ETC.

Internet. There is a computer lab. Wifi in the lobby and sun room. I asked about resident rooms and she said we could get our own internet but not sure how long that would be. We talked about why. She told me the building is actually 104 years old with 18 inch thick stone walls. If you read in the history section I guess the whole area is called Rockhill, like Rockhill neighborhood named for the special rock.

We get $50 per month which is better than here but less than Gateway or FP. That’s honestly as far as I got at the moment. I was kinda caught off guard as I kind of expected her to say no to the out of state applicants thing.

She seemed really nice and a good person to talk to. She did say sadly that the program listed on their website that talks about independent living is gone. That from the start people weren’t taking their meds when they moved to the apartments across the street. I said that was sad and I’d seen it happen here.

Other than that their site is really cool. They have an accessibility statement I was stunned about that LOL. Friedman doesn’t even have that.

So yeah it was just an initial check in at this point just like with gateway. It’s all just researching right now. Just asking what’s out there and what could we gain from it. We obvbeously know nothing about missouri or the Kansas city area. We don’t know anyone there which makes it complicated because of course in order to make any decision we’d have to visit. But like I said I got a good feeling and have no reason not to recommend anyone who’s interested to give them a ring as I did. Assisted living for mental illness as I write nonstop here is rare and these people do seem like the real thing. And I did say right off how good that made me feel. So yeah. If you or someone you know could benefit I would say it’s worth a call. Let me know how it goes would love to compare notes.

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