up and down day

Hi everyone,

So today was up and down. Jess is at her sleep study right now hopefully not sleeping yet. This time she has to try the apnia mask while asleep to see how that goes. I’m worried she’ll be anxious and crying all night. She has her care bear though Baby Girl that I gave her.

I was fussy as in crying/ anxious some of the day about her not being here tonight. Just been awhile. We both tried to take

Naps since she had also been doing laundry early. But they decided to do this lovely construction or fixing something either the floor above us or below us all this drilling and banging for like two hours! Was not happy.

Anyway I got some snacks in the morning and didn’t feel like going down for lunch and she didn’t either so I got to stay in my jamas all day. Watched parts of movies, like Sybil and some Starting Over episodes. Did some posts to my blind ASL group which seems to be doing well.

I called and talked to someone at Rockhill Manor but that will be its own post

My skin still itches. The spots clear up when we put the ointment on but if we leave it a day because I’m not itching it comes right back so yeah. But it’s way better than it ever was or would have ever been had we not done our own little purchase. My skin would have been a total wreck.

I took a nice bath and washed my hair. We got pizza for dinner. I fed all the stufties dinner and desert and they talked to each other endlessly.

Then Jess left. Sigh.

Just trying to chillax. I don’t know how I made it two weeks without her in the hospital. Did just talk to my dad he lectured me about how I should vote. I’m actually really thinking about my TVI because she would constantly bug me about not knowing what was going on in the world. Because our family, come on! Was so stressed we could barely sit down to eat dinner peacefully never mind watch the news. Somehow they had an idea of what was going on I was just totally zoned. Anyway in Jr. high it was bush and Gor and the whole voting disaster. And of course social studies teacher and all other teachers had a field day. So she was always bugging me about it. I remember one assignment we had to find some news article where the two were slamming each other and write a conflict resolution session for them. What they would say if they were gonna talk assertively to each other. I can’t imagine one of those now LOL!

Anyway so I’m thinking of her. Might write her and be like hey love ya but still don’t know what’s going on in the world!! I couldn’t listen to it because Donald trump screamed so much. I call him Mr. Spaz. I listened to the news for about twenty minutes every morning when I eat upstairs and that’s it. Usually there are more interesting things than politics.

I’m rambling on to the whole world. Because I don’t have Jess to talk her ear off!

So today ended up good I guess. Am very happy about the Rockhill call that was good to get done.

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One thought on “up and down day

  1. TV, huh? Well, your tv is unplugged Sammy, so you would have to figure that one out (by unplugging something there) or go and watch tv on my tv.

    And guess who won? Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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