Sam’s extremely short take on what’shappened in america

Hi everyone,

This will probably be the one and only time I talk about anything political.

My family and I really never watched the news except for the weather or my mom would sit and cry over all the kidnappings around and stuff like that. I guess they have watched things more lately as the election approached. My TVIwas always on to me in Jr. high and high school about this. Not knowing about all this. So when I wasn’t working she, my aid and I would shoot the breeze. But they’d talk about what happened in the news mostly.

I think I mentioned when the epic bush election happened I was in seventh grade. They were doing a unit on identity and conflict resolution. So we had to find an issue that the candidates were debating and write out a conflict resolution script for both sides. Very funny! Can’t imagine having to do that this time.

I do hear bits of information. When I eat breakfast in the dayroom the tv is always on. And usually it’s election stuff lately. I like it more when I can hear the health section of the news or something. Anyway I couldn’t stand Donald Trump’s voice he never spoke calmly I swear just screamed his head off. Who wants someone who can’t even articulate himself calmly.

I’m also confused about that electoral vote and popular vote thing. I do remember this from a worksheet in seventh grade. That the electoral vote is like all these senators and political people already in office from each state and they vote. And the popular vote is us the people voting. And I guess that the electoral vote counts more than the other one. Which kinda implies if you take it to the extreme that our votes don’t really matter at least in this situation where Hilary won the popular vote.

I also don’t like that they can vote for themselves. That’s just wrong.

On the news they had experts on this stuff talking and they were addressing all the knee jerk first questions on this like how in the world will he address all the horrible things he said in the heat of the moment? Because he’s scared like a whole lot of the country with that stuff. It’s a tricky time we’re entering. I guess we can only hope once he settles down he can look at things more calmly and like compromise with people instead of bullying.

A lot of my friends have been following this and are disabled. They’re really afraid of what this means and I don’t blame them. Our status as a miniority is hard enough to have a president who exploits that and clearly shows he doesn’t care about that part of the population means I’m not sure what he’ll do about meeting our needs as a group like services we need and things like that. Heard some thing last night when I clicked on that democracy now page on my newsfeed and they were saying that Journalists and actavists will be on a mission after this but they will have to be careful because he’s not afraid to bann people and make it imposible for them to really speak what’s true. Thought of Robbie as he is a journalist.

Anyway that’s my thoughts. From someone who doesn’t know a thing about politics but does care a whole lot for people of allidentities getting their needs met. The online volunteering I do is getting flooded with people terrified out of their mind about this which is so sad. I wonder if Trump knew that if he’d even care to reassure anyone.

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