The HP is back!

Hey everyone,

So best news ever! Was coming up from lunch and Jonathan called me into his office. Said here’s a tactile thing tell me what it is LOL! And he handed my computer to me all fixed. Once we actually were able to send it to them it took like a week. I do love the warantie company for doing what they did and will make sure that my parents keep it up to date.

It won’t sink in til I’m using it tomorrow. The afternoon flew by as I backed up everything.

So yeah everything’s finally good on that end! And with the Toshiba when Mr. J was having his floor session he got a chance to look at it and thinks he can put strong glue on the piece that’s causing the pin to move that way we won’t have to buy anything extra. So yeah should be interesting.

So yeah tech issues just might be over!

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