itchy skin period blah

Today has been kinda exhausting. Breakdown anniversary. Already wrote a book on that. Got my period at least I’ll be in the clear for thanksgiving! But I think it really affects this skin thing I’m still dealing with. Jess says I’m polka dot girl again LOL!

The air is dry in here I really really hate the heating system and do believe it too affects my skin.

I took two naps today due to all this. Got Mail! Christmas presents for me yay!! But I have to wait til Christmas shhh.

I basically said I like everything on sale at stimtastic, except for chewies I’m not a chewer. So I got a wrist band that says Born To Stim. I’m not sure if I’m autistic. Or the stimming if from being totally blind and seeking sensory input. All my life I’ve been like emotionally punished for it. It’s nice to have people around who say “it’s just who you are” I never even knew anyone could say that! If anyone asks what stim means I’ll just say it’s a new mental health therapy LOL

So that was cool. Other than that generally chillaxed and tried not to itch. I really thought this was going away so I said I didn’t need ointment for a couple days. That was a mistake. Jess is the best ointment person ever! She should be a nurse!

Other irritating things today: I need a haircut! Someone want to jump through the screen and cut my hair? Kat sat next to me in one of our silent (I wish I had ESP)moments and gently tried to put my hair in some kind of away from my face shape. She randomly shaved her head once. I don’t think she’d do that to me but she’d be bold enough to try to cut it. So hoping we can go next week.

Way too loud dining room and ten minute line to wait for them to open up ten minutes late. Yucky coconut stuff on fruit that I really thought was gonna upset my stomach. Just glad to have had my bath and am in my jamas and relaxing. Tomorrow I’ll swee Jonathan! That always brightens my whole life. And we don’t have a million things to go over around fixing broken stuff. So yeah. Not sure what we’ll talk about. I always find something

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