tired day lost my favorite rock new present broke!

Hey everyone,

So today was kinda exhausting and frustrating. I have a favorite little rock. Like a pebble. I play with it in my hands. It’s one of those fake polished rocks. But like I said small enough to toss back and forth. I rub it with my fingers and if I’m not doing anything else with my hands it’s there. I don’t know when I started with favorite rocks. I guess it was the only acceptable substitute for tossing my little toys that got taken away, around. Anyway I lose them like crazy because I always carry them in my pocket and then have it out like every minute I’m someplace. I’ve left them in the dinging room before, in couches, in my socks LOL! And everytime I think I’ve lost it for good we usually find it. But then often we don’t and I’ve just totally lost that particular rock. So then I have to dig through bins at a rock store and try to find one similar. It’s an intuitive thing I just can’t tell someone to get me a new one. I have to either like it right away or it grows on me.

So anyway today was the day we think I lost my most recent favorite rock. Which has been my favorite rock for months now. I only play with one at a time.

Swear I put it on my nightstand before my second nap, but we can’t find it at all. The rock like totally keeps me sane. I’m not the same without it ask Jess!

And like I said I usually only have one favorite rock at a time because in all the piles of rocks I have there’s usually only one favorite. Favorite rocks are very hard to find.

So since I was in a fussy anxious mood Jess decided to get me another early Christmas present! I already got the Born to Stim bracelet that I love. So she gave me something I really wanted. A crochet stress ball from stimtastic. Hand made by an autistic artest. It said it’s supposed to be like super strong and not break easily. That the crunchy pelits were wrapped up in the ball with paper so they wouldn’t come out. And it was awesome. So soft and crinkley with the crochet material. I rubbed it against my face and my nose and it smelled really good and new too. And I squished and squished it and heard it crunch away. About five minutes in this little tag fell off. I thought it was broken then but it wasn’t. So I sat and was in new toy squishy heaven for another half hour. Then there were little pellets in my lap and a nice little hole in the top of the ball right where that tag fell off. Obveously it was not super strong material if Sammy could break it in less than an hour! I’m soo mad! Jess spent money on that thing. It should not have broke in less than an hour! And no my nails weren’t sharp. Just ahh. I’m gonna write the store.

Jess got a nice ring from there. Shiney. I don’t want one though because of my skin still irritated. I really really wanted that crunchy stress ball! You squished it and it’s like it bit back ya know? Like GRRR I’m stressed too!

So that was very upsetting. Sammy’s not having a good toys day.

And tomorrow we’re going out to get our haircuts and I especially need my rock when going out and that ball would have been so awesome on a trip out but no it had to break!

Mr. J wasn’t here today holiday. That’s ok. My tech issues for the moment have settled down. Though I’m so bad at changes now that new computer is home I’m still using this one. Who knows.

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