another resident passed away at albany

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post. There’s an older woman on our floor named Karen. She totally reminds me of someone’s Gramma. Really don’t know what her mental illness is, she seems on the surface ok. Of course saying that about anyone with mental illness is never ok because you can never tell what’s going on. Actually that’s kinda how I at least can relate to her. Because a lot of people wouldn’t know my issues right away either. I do sometimes wonder if she wouldn’t have been happier in a nice senior assistive living place than here. But she was here and she was a spot of clarity.

She had lupus and other issues with her hip, a whole lot of medical stuff. She had been in physical rehab for months. But came back here on a walker. And right about now, was starting to motor around outside on her own.

She was so giving. She would have her family make brownies and we always got some. She would go out and get candy for everyone. She told a everyone about her family, her sister in CA her brother, someone’s horses. She was a good storyteller very engaging. She would have travel magazines and tell us we were all going on a cruise or to iriland or something. And say stuff like we were gonna leave particularly annoying residents there, with one that talks to fish she said we were gonna throw her in the ocean on our way home. She could be moody. She did walk me all the way upstairs from a meal once or something down there. Which was really good except I found out later she went out and told everyone what would I have done if she weren’t there. I didn’t like that at all. And to be fair she did have major problems walking and standing for long due to her lupus. My mom has fibromaljia and that’s similar but different so I got it.

As residents go she was great like I said. She was reliable she loved delivering the mail. She could be counted on for any Albany news about staff or other residents. There are very few people here you can have a clear engaged conversation with reliably. She was one of them.

We just talked to her in the dinner line Thursday. She was having dehydration problems and she didn’t know why. She was saying the doctors were telling her to drink everything she could or else she’d get an IV at skilled care. We kinda thought she needed to head that way anyway sadly. I wish sometimes this place were able to handle more complex medical issues. Because it’s not like when the medical stuff gets worse the mental illness stops. And it’s one more way psych and physical disabilities continue to be separate. Anyway she went to the hospital last night I think. This morning there was staff including director of nursing in there in quite a hurry. We thought she was heading to skilled. Turns out she passed away. Just really sad. I’ll always remember her. She really was a part of the family here. One of the people who always said hi and good night and like I said she was just a good person.

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