very productive day

Hey everyone,

Have had a very productive day and weekend. Getting my hair cut is a huge relief off my head. Can’t wait for Kat to pet my head and give me a hug and say she likes it. She always comments on my and Jess’s hair if it’s long among other things so yeah. The place we go to it’s only $5 a cut. It was very crowded but worth it.

Today I was on the computer all day. I did some Christmas shopping yay! And thank you Alexandria for the gift card for Walmart.

Speaking of Walmart we’re going on Wednesday. Tomorrow I’m giving Jess a ride, love saying that! to school for a test.

So will be a week that will fly by. Hoping to have a Jonathan session this week as we missd the last one due to holiday.

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday. She’s 21 I can’t believe it. She missed out on the thrill of drinking, or however people feel, at 21 because she drank when underage. Anyway she was extremely distracted watching movies so we didn’t talk much which was kinda hard.

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