good day fresh air and chips for dinner

Hey everyone,

Jess and I had a really good day. We went to her school. Had this weird girl on paratransit who seemed to have some psych issues and who asked a ton of personal questions. I’m weird and actually do answer most questions I get asked because umm I don’t know. So yeah that was interesting. Oh and so she obviously saw me, but also I did mention I was blind. A minute later she was like how come you don’t drive?

So that was entertaining. It was pretty quiet in the testing center. I’m actually getting used to all the people’s voices. A lot of Russian/ international students. Was listening to someone I would think a testing center person talking with someone who’s second language is English. They were talking about one and two parent families and she asked her if she knew what a serial killer was! She said yes and the woman was trying to say that a lot of serial killers came from one parent families with no dad and so were never taught how to act as a man. I’m like LOL!!

On top of that I finished a book I will review momentarily. Was gonna call my friend who recently moved to FL but soon it was three and so would be four her time and the kids were probably home from school.

I got m and ms for snack and ate them too fast and so had upset stomach on the way home. Neither of us wanted to deal with going downstairs. So I had my bath and am in my PJS and we have Chips!

It was great to get fresh air while waiting for the ride. Fresh air with no cigarette smoke. Technically people are supposed to be 50 feet away from the building, but they can’t seem to manage that even with a line drawn and even at that distance it’s still way too close.

So yeah happy with my day.

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