Busy day: wrote a professor about an ASL class walmart online shopping stress

Hey everyone,

So today was long and somewhat stressful. Jess is looking into classes for next semester. When she first started there we noticed there was an ASL class. This was way back before I think we even tried teaching me anything. We thought maybe she could take the class and then teach me. Went over there and I sat in the meeting with her and a disability coordinator. I brought up trying to have me take such a class and she said no. She did say I could take a theater class if I was interested. At the time we were thinking about different elective type things I could take as a one shot class since I do not want to go for any degree. Of course I said no thanks I like staying home better but I’ll be glad to drive you!

So a bunch of time went by. I met my amazing new friend Nai who’s a totally blind interpreter. Obveously then, you can take sign language a s a blind person it’s just a matter of making it work. During all this time we went through several things: figuring out that Jess and I and asl don’t mix. Getting closer to Kat through text, edith teaching me through videos and most recently Robbie.

I love my new blind ASL users e-mail group. Everyone is really nice, most of the people have been friends for awhile but I’m meeting some new people. Robbie who knows all my quirks and issues and why, I feel a class would not work, still said take a class it’s the best way to learn! It’s more important than comfort. So yeah I was like ok ok!

So fast forward today we were going through the catalog again and Jess found the signing class for the second time. I e-mailed the professor. Explained my situation also copied Nai on the e-mail. Who wrote an epic response that will probably attract her curiosity if nothing else more than my message did!

So I put myself out there to even write them. There are so many reasons why I feel a class wouldn’t work for me, not to mention the school having a fit and just totally being at a loss, but I’m willing to have an initial discussion. But if I could find any deafblind people in Chicago to just work with one on one for free that would be even better!

Next was online shopping. I had my items and tried to order with my gift card. Somehow I missed the button that said add another payment method than my credit card, which would have been the giftcard. So I spent like an hour trying to make sure I canceled the order and wasn’t charged. The online chat people were nice but somehow the chat kept shutting off or I lost the page or something. Really would have been simpler to just call the one eight hundred number which I eventually found when I googled Walmart phone number, but of course wasn’t on the contact page because they’d rather have you do the online chat. Long story short my bank account is all good. I’ll wait a few days to mentally settle down from the stress of all that. I personally am finding amazon to be easier to use than this site. The gift card option and other things seem much easier to find on that site than the Walmart one, but this is my first time using it.

So yeah. Tomorrow we’re going to Walmart live! Hopefully will be way less crowded than a weekday. And we’ll get burger king.

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