long stressful day

Today was long. For some reason just my computer will often say there’s no internet access first thing when I turn it on. When Jess’s and I assume others, are fine. Unfortunately that lasted up until we had to leave for Walmart. I felt uneasy about not being able to check my bank account since yesterday’s mishap but just brushed my feelings aside.

Ran into Friedman shoppers for the second time! We should coordinate shopping trips! Since it’s thanksgiving we got some special treats. Haven’t visited the bakery in seriously a year! Got cookies, two different types, mufins, and it’s all so yummylicious!

So that was awesome plus stocked up on our usual stuff.

Then went to pay. And it wouldn’t go through! Sammy was a crying mess. It’s a good thing Jess had a little money this time.

We sat down I sort of had an inkling it had to do withyesterday and the online stuff. We got burger king I’m lucky I ate anything I was so anxious and in meltdown mode.

Then I remembered that I had the bank of America eight hundred number. I called them and were really nice. They said that the canceled order money hadn’t been credited to my account yet but would be. So that’s where the problem was. Somehow my card went through to pay for burger king which is weird. But yeah. It still took a little bit to come down from all that anxietyI was very happy to come home it took forever though with rush hour and everything.

I had wanted to just go to sleep. But then I had my bath and some cookies and got online for the first time all day and I feel much better. Still a draining day

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