Emotional day highs and lows interacting with local deafblind instructor, accessibile media win and upset stomach

Hey everyone,

So today has been quite a day! The first bit of exciting news is that I e-mailed a man called Bryne who works with the Chicago deafblind community! He was very warm and eager to help me. He said that with a blind person absolutely having one on one lessons is what’s most needed. He mentioned about how it would be hard for someone to pay the rate of an individual lesson which would be higher than a group cost where you can have lots of people paying. But that we could continue talking. It’s not actually an ASL instructor. He teaches protactile, which I’ll do another post about as far as I know from reading . It’s like part two of signing blind I think. So anyway he said he’d pass my information on to someone who might be a good teacher.

I’m beyond excited! This feels so important to me and like it will open doors I don’t even know exist. On the other hand I’ve had so many learning experiences that have been frustrating to the point of me crying, which doesn’t take much LOL. I’m worried I’ll have an anxious crying meltdown. Working with a total stranger is way different from working with one of my besties Robbie. I’m hoping I’d be able to be calm and not look crazy.

We’ll just have to take it one step at a time.

I work with a advocacy project that works to make all media books, shows, movies ETC accessible for the blind. We kind of had a bigg breakthrough with that today and I’m overjoyed. It’s still a long long away but dots are being connected and things are getting readyit’s just about connecting more dots! So I was really excited. Got to listen to a demo of audio description about the show we’re working on and it was absolutely amazing!

So the day was sailing along. I finished the latest Casey Watson book and will do a review.

I had a light lunch noodles and carrots and ice cream of course. Later in the afternoon Jess thought a couple of the amazing sugar cookies from the bakery would be a good snack. The cookies are amazing too all kinds of layers of icing and soft and fluffy

I was really happy with it until about an hour later when I suddenly got major upset stomach. Which lead to a very uncomfortable half hour or more in the bathroom. Need I saymore?

Anyway I was so weak after and eventually got pepto from the nurse. We think it was a combination of things: the stress from yesterday was major and I often have a delayed reaction. The ups and downs of today and the Bryne thing really hit me physically like I was unsettled for hours. And then not having had those super surgary cookies in like a year I guess it was a combination of things

I’m so glad Jess had saved some salteens from when they have soup downstairs in case of such emergencies. So I’ve been nibbling away and trinking plenty of water.

So really weird day. But mostly awesome!

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