repost: productive day heard from ASL instructor online shopingg

Hey everyone,

Today has been a good day. First of all I was able to fix the banking mistake on my account. When I ordered from earlier in the week and hit pay with my regular card instead of the gift card. They were supposed to reverse the charge but it hadn’t gone through yet even though I was sent an e-mail that said it had, from  walmart’s end.

So I called and spoke to  a nice lady who fixed it.  A lot of people hate bank of America but  they’ve been really nice to me. Except the stupid savings account fee that I have to have money transferred into the account each  month to get rid of. Oh well  it helped me save for Christmas presents.

Speaking of which once that was cleared up I did go on and carefully reordered the stuff. Made sure it said gift card! I will say I like amazon a whole lot better!

So that’s done. I have one more person’s shopping to do and then I think I’m done! Could only buy presents for my two besties sorry!  One year I did cards but my mom says people just throw cards away. Well that’s what she said when I said I’d get Mr. J a card. She said she wanted to buy him something nice. I keep forgetting to tell her he said his present is her buying an airline ticket LOL!

So anyway it’s a relief to have done that.

Then this afternoon I heard back from the college professor that Nai Jess and I e-mailed! I was amazed she responded on the weekend. And it turns out she was very positive. She said she’s deaf and has some but not a lot of interaction with deafblind people. And that if one or both of us, Jess or I or both wanted to take the class she was up for talking about it.

I was and am stunned about the people who are open to teaching me this and it just shows that it’s meant to be! Because I just have a feeling I’d do better one to one I want to see what  Bryne has to say about the person  he was going to put me in contact with and take it from there. Then too if I wanted to go ahead with a class after learning the basics individually I’d know how I learn best. Which I really don’t have a good idea of since I’ve barely started. So yeah that was a huge lift to my day though. And of course I invited her to my ASL e-mail list and said she could share it.

So that was cool.

Hard things about today: The internet being totally   screwy! I can get e-mail in Microsoft outlook but basically other stuff is off  and on. I was able to do my volunteer work but it disconnected during one conversation, good thing there’s a built in process where if it disconnects someone else can get it on their screen. But anyway it’s just crazy. I feel worst for Jess having to deal with it during school.

And hard Jr.  Mints! You would think they’d be hard at the vending macheen. But no those are fine you pick this up from the  shelf and they’re all hard  and chewy and like weird! Between that and the sugar cookies grrrr!

So hoping Jonathan will be in tomorrow and we can meet. And he can fix the internet though I’m thinking it might be a glitch on comcast’s end. Because everything seems connected and sometimes does work.

Anyway good thing I have more than enough to keep me busy.

One thought on “repost: productive day heard from ASL instructor online shopingg

  1. i am glad the bank thing got sorted. i have lots of xmas shopping left to do. what did you buy your besties? email me privately about it. so they don’t know what you got. lol. glad you had a good day though. xxx

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