busy sunday!

Hey everyone,
Today was very busy! I uploaded stuff to my external harddrive which is always important!
I looked over someoneS wishlist and can’t believe how expensive stuff is. I mean wishlist on amazon. So yeah. But will figure that out this week.
My major project was creating a second blog. Totally different from this blog. Well not totally. It’s modeled off a site called eating disorder treatment review
I think it’s vital for consumers to have a place to respectfully and constructively report on different treatment options or else how will people know?
So I figured let’s expand this. I’m planning on having it be for all kinds of treatment: residential (trauma/ DID, Eating disorder, personality disorder, substance abuse,) inpatient psych units, crisis residential, day treatment, and long term care. As well as perhaps individual therapists and psychiatrists, though want to find a respectful and clear way to do this.
I’ve posted one post already so yeah please share and comment!


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