Very busy m,onday

Hi everyone,
So today has been extremely busy! I have really thrown myself into my mental health treatment review blog. I’m so excited about it and hope it can be an amazing resource for anyone and everyone!
I also got to connect with the admin of eating disorder treatment review which is awesome
So I did a lot of work just constantly looking over different things. Robbie’s gonna get everything all teched up, Sammy’s word, like this blog is. But I think it’s pritty good. But yeah had to actually edit my posts LOL! on the MH review blog because want them to look nice. I actually spelled words right, not planning on it for this blog LOL! But yeah I’m proud of it.
Jess is like take a break you’ve been doing this all day! Which I have. I’ve hardly talked her ear off which isn’t me at all.
She went out for her hip x ray today. Woke me up at quarter of eleven growl! Stayed on the phone til I was actually awake too.
She’s been really chillaxed about not going down to lunch (usually) and I just have an ice cream bar so I loved that. So worked all afternoon. Did a little online volunteering. Am listening to the second Crank Series book.
Other than that just very focused.
Tomorrow will call paratransit to see what their hours are for thursday. In case you haven’t remembered cause you’re super busy with stuff it is a holiday then! One with the potential for: yummylicious cooking, family drama, or loneliness.
Albany thanksgiving is gross except for pumpkin pie. So we’re planning to be able to go to old country buffet for thanksgiving like last year. It cost like $25 each but you can get like all you want and it was great last year.


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