Continuing to brainstorm about sign language thank you Nai Robbie and Bryen

So today was very productive yet emotional.
For some reason I woke up motivated and very much wanting to get a jump on online stuff. Mostly keep working on mental health treatment review, but Faith from eating disorder treatment review hadn’t e-mailed me back yet. Was having some good sicussions on my ASL e-mail list.
Then Bryen, I told you all about him, the deafblind person I connected with a few weeks ago wrote me back. i had said I could only pay like $20 an hour for signing lessons. He said he’d see what he could do. He wrote back suggesting that I open a case with VR, vocational rehabilitation that helps with employment. Right away that spiked my anxiety, just thinking about dealing with that organization as have really only seen it as a huge stress (even when they paid for school in ma). That and the word employement. Which I’ve never been, employed so yeah. Could totally see why he was suggesting this, that they could pay for ASLinstruction, but the rest of it I had so many emotions flood me right away.
I then tried to calmly compose a reply saying that I totally agreed with him (and Robbie and Nai who seconded his thoughts) and stated what I thought would be obstacles.
He wrote back another very nice response saying that I didn’t necessarily have to focus on the job part yet. That geting the training was the important thing. Which it is. So that was a huge sigh of relief.
So he’s gonna look into who could be a good counselor for me and respond to other things I told him and we’ll see what the next step is.

I still continue to be stunned by the support I’m geting from these three amazing people! I can’t wait to get to know Bryen he sounds awesome, and I hope I will always have Robbie and Nai in my life.
Here is Bryen’s bio if you’re interested

Bryen M Yunashko
Based in Chicago, IL, DeafBlind Bryen M Yunashko got his first taste of advocacy more than a quarter-of-a-century ago, when, as a performer in Los Angeles, he joined forces with a music industry producer to campaign for closed-caption inclusion in music videos, sparking the phrase “I want my MTV too!” and earning a mention in Billboard Magazine. Today, Bryen criss-crosses the country as an advocacy, interpreter and technology trainer specializing in accessibility for DeafBlind individuals. Prior to becoming involved as an advocate, he specialized in technology first as an IT consultant for major corporations and later as a member of the open-source software community serving as Accessibility Outreach Coordinator for the GNOME Desktop Foundation and as marketing team lead and first-ever DeafBlind board member of a major Linux distribution for the openSUSE Project, traveling over 140,000 miles worldwide as speaker and conference organizer. In his current capacity, Bryen serves as member of the Chicago Transit Authority ADA Advisory Committee, chair of the Illinios Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission’s SSP Task Force, member of the National Task Force on Deaf-Blind Interpreting and as chair of the National Task Force on DeafBlind Transportation Review and advisor of the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program, as well as serving as consultant for agencies and organizations that serve the DeafBlind community.


One thought on “Continuing to brainstorm about sign language thank you Nai Robbie and Bryen

  1. wow sammy he sounds like he is very talented! I hope you can get the lessons. vr sounds like they would be a good organisation if they’ll pay for them. maybe try to put your anxiety aside just for that part. xxx

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