Looking forward to thanksgiving!

Just a quick lighter post as I know I’ve been posting some pritty intense stuff lately.
Jess and I are thrilled about tomorrow. Robbie isn’t a picky eater. But when I brought him here for thanksgiving he hardly ate a thing. Then I knew it wasn’t just us that couldn’t stand the food! I’m sure they tried their best but yeah. In past years we went with the Ihop crew. But starting last year we decided to give other residents a turn to go on that special trip. We went to old country Bufetwhere I’d gone before with people at FP. We loved etting as much food as we wanted for $25 each.
So I’m looking forward to the two hours of eating, and not rushing, and talking and relaxing in a hopefully not crowded restaurant.
I think about my family. At one point we tossed around us coming to visit for thanksgiving. Then Jess had doctors apointments that same week and my mom’s back started doing really bad. Still I miss not being there. I can’t believe the year I went to a thanksgiving held by a group I had been a part of rather than my family’s. All the years I avoided them I considered justified, and now I wish they were around and easy to visit.
Anyway just wanted to wish all my readers a happy day tomorrow! I know it can also be a difficult day for many, p past memories coming to the surface and loneliness so take care of yourselves.


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