A Very good thanksgiving

Hey everyone,
So I have to say I had a wonderful thanksiving yesterday. Going out to Old Country Buffet was just the right place because you could get small portions of a lot of different things and take your time.
The ride there was longer than I remembered. When we got there it was an hour after they opened so not that crowded.
We took pictures of everything. Not sure h how to upload photos or if people want that, I know many of my readers are blind so photos are just a pain.
Anyway I had: turkey, more turkey with cranberry sauce, macaroni and chees, stuffing I didn’t like, mashed potatos I didn’t like, a muffin, ice cream, sweet potatos, and cherry pie, and cookies.
So yeah I was pritty full!
The ride home was a nightmare. We had to do a pick up and then drop that person off. I tried to not go impatiently crazy by listening to the paratransit people talk on the radio. Do you know if you find your driver and say hey I have to go to the bathroom or brab my bag or something I’ll be right back. That counts as a no show! I couldn’t believe that. Well I can with this one woman she told the person from pace on the phone that she’d be right down she needed to get dressed LOL! But other stuff it’s like OMG I’m really glad I’ve never had that happen.
So we finally got home an hour later. I took my bath. Got in my jamas. Did some online volunteering I was happy to help out on a holiday. And then got to skype with my parents and lucky!
The last time we tried on my hp the screen was doing that slowly breaking thing. And their internet was weird or something so it hardly worked. But this time it did and we talked for well over an hour. I talked their ear off on everything and it was just a really good time. Jess saw Lucky and meowed at him before he ran off.
My dad says if I read a book, that’s not one of my normal depressing ones he’ll read it too! To say he’s not a reader is an understatement. I got really excited at the time about certain books in high school. So I brought them home for him to read and they just sat there. I’d try to read to him and he’d zone out of fall asleep. In early college life at Middlesex community my books didn’t come in on time so he or mom had to read to me. In terms of actually treading the book he’s better mom gets words all mixed up and it sounds weird and makes no sense. She does that when she talks. Like for the word sarcastic she says saicastic.Yesterday we were talking about the town selectmen and she said selectment So yeah.
So for him to OMG read anything will be epic! Watch him forget after like by the end of the call.
But it was really good.
So yeah a really really good day.


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