My albany care review and more on mental health treatment review please follow this blog!

Hi everyone,
To hopefully get followers over to my second blog, mental health treatment review, I’m posting the review I did of albany care. It will show you the format of how a review could go, however people can do it how they like.
Remember this isn’t about the person doing the review unless you have questions So if you want to say I’m an epic writer you can say that on this blog but on the other one it’s only questions or general comments about the facility or your own review as a comment.
So it’s not about personal discussions just presenting information.
So here’s the link
Please read and if you’re not subscribed (thank you to my first two subscribers!) please do so. And ask away! review away.
On the first page is a post called general review guidelines and questions
Under this post you would ask any general questions about accessing any kind of mental healthcare. And most importantly say things like could someone do a review of whatever place you’re interested in. And I will then make a post with that information. And underneath the person can review. And am hoping to get lots of reviews for the same place! If you’d rather not post your review under your wordpress name you can make up a name when filling out the comment section or contact me and I’ll post it for you.
OK so pritty please share!


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