Sneaking on here to do my weekend update

Shhh it’s after midnight!
I’m supposed to be sleeping but can’t. Jess has a real thing about me not being on the computer past eleven.
Anyway my weekend. Well saturday was weird. Albany food, sausage and/or potato stuff made me throw up. That was terrible. I hardly ever throw up. At least I didn’t make a mess!
So Jess was good and got crackers and gatorade for me. I took a hot bath because I felt totally gross and then just chillaxed. Actually right after it happened Jess said I should ask Martha the nurse about geting pepto for my stomach. I really didn’t want to because I was afraid I’d just throw it up. But she said that she thought it was a good idea. And she checked my vitals too. So that did make things better.
By dinnertime I was back to myself and ate a full meal. Sometimes this happens with the food here I have no idea why. It really shouldn’t!
Today was very productive. Am loving my mental health treatment review blog. Working hard to build general resources, describing types of services putting up my own reviews of places I’ve been. I know I’ll get followers and contributors in time.
So wrote an awesome post about types of therapy.
Then did some facebook stuff and e-mailed people. Did some intense volunteering tonight. Likely why I’m having trouble sleeping. Jess notices that whenever I do that even if it’s only a little it keeps me up even if I’m not really thinking about it. Who knows. Wow it looks like I can get to the end of this before she wakes up! This reminds me of the game Don’t wake Daddy!
So yeah felt good about today. Oh updated my bookshelf on goodreads so you can see all that I’ve read. And Robbie is geting me a victor stream for christmas! Love ya robbie. Sad news is he’s off to FL for the holiday boo. I’ll miss him soo much!
Hoping for a good week. Hopping to see Stephanie. Really haven’t seen her since that talk we had where we really connected. Sad that we lost momentum there.

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