Very lazy monday

SoI was caught right after posting this!
I then actually woke up a few hours after I was tucked in and was up from like before five to eight when I had breakfast.
I spent that time reading. Don’t have anything interesting on my braillenote so was reading over old journals. I found one when I was 19! Boy was I mess. I’m surprised I didn’t have a breakdown then. Well I did, at eighteen and was on zoloft for it would have been a year or so but still no other meds and errigular therapy because my mom kept saying she couldn’t pay Dr. Lentz so in the end I only saw her once a month. So yeah that was interesting to read people say not healthy to read back. But I think it’s vital to keepa record and good things can be found in looking through things like this that capture the day to day details of what’s happening. Probably just not in the middle of the night!
So of course crashed after breakfast. My morning nap was not nearly long enough to make up for all those hours. I like cdould hardly move when Jess woke me up. So we decided to order out pizza even though we’ve had so much of it. We got enough to have dinner up here too so that’s good.
My stuff finally came in from That site is crazy. Amazon is way better. Anyway that completes my presents for one bestie. Now for the other before he leaves his sister in the dust headed to see his dream guy in FL!
But did i mention he got me a victor stream? A siber monday deal. So yeah that will be epic. But I’ll have to like learn it myself noo!
So yeah it’s been a productive afternoon. Like I said so nice to just chillax. I had another nap after lunch til two thirty when Jess said if I didn’t get up now I wouldn’t sleep again tonight.
So I did a lot of online stuff that I was very happy with. Other than that not much else to say. Hoping I sleep better tonight.


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