Free job posting boards are not actually free!

So today’s activity ended up being trying to find a new home for the PRSC job posting.
One of my joys in life is networking for the psychiatric rehabilitation services job which I’ve talked about on here. I was wondering why when I reopened the job this last time I got not a word. Jonathan and I thought it was the holidays.
Well yesterday I really loooked into it and when I found the link I had been sending people before and looked at it it said it couldn’t be posted. Turns out that’s because you need to have the job sponsored. I guess my free trial expired though I had no ida it was a free trial.
So have been looking online. All these different job places, like monster and linked in (where I have a nice profile by the way!) have huge costs. Like hundreds of dollars for one post!
Jonathan’s really old school and literally uses like the paper to get applicants. Or maybe craigslist. He’s claimed in the past that he wouldn’t be able to handle sorting out the huge amount of resumes but he was very impressed with the indeed results as I did all the sorting. He might be impressed but certainly not want to pay for a job posting either!
Even this free job posting site, literally called that, after I signed up and posted it it said I’d only get “some” applicants for free. Someone from there wrote me saying they had five quality applicants right then! about ten minutes after I posted the thing, if I’d just pay like $15 or somethinggg! So I wrote him bacfk and asked exactly how much was “some.”
So if anyone has any idea about any places that are actually free and not just say they are that would be great!
Other than that have been just hanging out. Got much better sleep last night. But that was the main activity of the day and would be great to find another resource. Really mad at indeed right now!


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