Book Review: A Small Boy’s Cry by Rosie Lewis



book link: just finished reading a short story by foster carer Rosie Lewis

Three year old Charlie comes to Rosie in the middle of the night as an emergency placement having fell from a third story window and injuring his head. He is withdrawn and scared. Rosie comforts him and puts him to bed. In the morning her two biological children Jamie and Emily, and her foster child Phoebie (from Trapped) are excited to have a little one to play with.
Charlie needs a lot of physical affection and reassurance from Rosie but soon warms up to the safe family environment. Though even after the two weeks with the family he still shows signs of trauma responses, startling and hiding in the bathtub when remembering his parent’s fighting.
Rosie also witnesses contact between him and his mother which is truly heartbreaking to witness. After two weeks Charlie is moved to another set of long term carers. This story shows the impact that anyone working with children can have on them in a very short amount of time. There are many other short stories of hers that I will eventually review. I often wish they were full length books and wonder how she, and other foster carers who choose to do both, know when to write a full length or short story.


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