Long wednesday

Today was a very long day.
I had a difficult confusing conversation with someone on one of my e-mail lists. We were not on the same page, or even same book. I think we were on different sides of the libarry. A mutual friend untangled the mess but without ever meaning to, or even knowing it, the person really hurt myfeelings. It’s just a sensitive subject where it feels like if I get anything less than empathy it’s just too much. It’s overwhelming anyway, the subject itself. And I thought he was saying something he wasn’t.
So yeah that was basically the whole morning. The conversation didn’t take all morning me talking to mutual friend did.
Then right before lunch I lost my favorite rock! The one that keeps me tied to this earth and not bouncing off the walls in a meltdown.
So that was bad.
This afternoon have been on facebook and did a book review which was good.
I got an early christmas present! Beautiful Cabbage patch baby dolls from Jess. They were sitting out and someone came in and commented on them. Jess thought I heard the conversation but I didn’t, but that person did find my rock! And I guess she just couldn’t keep the surprise to herself. Anyway they’re absolutely cuddly and have very nice clothes.
So I’m very happy about this!
I’m trying to remember other stuff I did today but really can’t LOL! I know it felt important at the time!
So now will be doing volunteering and hope that goes well. Just felt like a very long day.
My mom will know about her back surgery today or at least will have talked with the surgion so next blog will probably mention that.


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