Very stressful day: internet issues, no Jonathan today

Hi everyone,
So yesterday and today were stressful but today was worst. Our server every so often does crazy things. Like p only on my computer it will say no internet access or unidentified network or something. But on Jess’s it will be fine. Usually this only lasts like twenty minutes or something. Sometimes it’s longer and a few weeks back we did have a similar issue to yesterday but Jonathan had reset the server and things were fine.

Well yesterday it did it on my computer. And it sat there, and sat there, and nothing changed. Called Mr. J and I think I actually got him on the phone that day! Apparently there’s truth to literally every time I try to call and he doesn’t answer he’s actually buusy and when he’s genuinely on a break he answers his phone. Which means he’s on a break like never! But he did answer. He said he’d reset it and I should call back in 45 minutes if it wasn’t working and e-mail if it was.
Well way more than forty five minutes later nothing changed. So I called back and by that time his mailbox was full again! He used to be better about that maybe he needs to set some kind of alarm to go off when his mailbox is full. So I couldn’t leave a mesage Jess texted.
At this point I was extremely stressed out because yesterday was the first of the month, (december already!) and I need to pay the rent that day. So at like eight at nigght I asked Jess for her computer. Of course that time of night is about the worst time for either of us to be doing anything that actually takes your brain being in gear. Maybe the computer felt the same because it went over to no internet access. So we were both pritty upset about it and snappy so we just dropped it.
I secretly went on after having to charge my braillesense instead of being able to read, and tried to ” fix” it myself. So I went into all the advanced settings of the network and clicked around. Unchecked things checked other boxes just went to town. I felt for sure each thing would reset it.
Well it didn’t work so I’m like whatever.
We got up today and still no internet. We finally get ahold of Jonathan because at this point, Jess is freaking out too because of school and I’m geting more and more restless. So I had my nap. And then he got it working. I was like yay!!
And we go to my computer and it says it won’t connect to anything! I’m like OMG I killed it!
So we then took out my HP computer the new one, that’s technically not new being a year old and not supposed to have been broken. I’m so bad with change I’m like emotionally and mentally stuck on only wanting to use this one now. Eventually someone will convince me to switch back. Or this one will need to be fixed, Jonathan did sayhe’d fix the whole cord connecter issue. The one where the cord falls out. Well when he saw me last (on my floor LOL!) he took out his screw driver that he carries everywhere, and looked inside. It’s not like the first time it’s some little piece that needs to be glued. We were supposed to bring it to him once I got settled on the HP which never quite happened.
So I get on it and I’m like ugh! Weird keyboard, different comands for stuff for some reason it uses the same screen reader but yeah. It just wasn’t the same. But I could get on the internet. Opened my e-mail and the last thing was from July I guess that was when we sent it out.
I was gonna let it rip in downloading months and months of e-mail but then it kept saying enter your password. I think I said I got hacked one day by someone from nigeria Robbie’s super protector of Sammy’s tech life so he caught it like the second it happened. So I tried like ten times to enter the password and that didn’t work.
At this point I had one computer that could go on the internet but not do e-mail. And another computer that could have done e-mail internet and anything else online if I hadn’t gone in and tried to play one of those dumb techs you call from India!
So we were ggoing down to Jonathan’s anyway so we brought the computer with the settings issue. Because that was the huge thing. The lobby was like chaos central. Jonathan was in an admin meeting. and we had no idea when he’d be out. It was literally emotionally too much to try and sit there for five minutes so we went upstairs and I was wicked frustrated and half crying.
So I settled down to just listen to an audio book I’m hooked on. Then decided to just write Robbie on facebook and see what he had to say. Came back from dinner and got a major scare when the HP tried to pull yesterday’s antics. On Jess’s too. But it snapped back to normal.
So Jess did amazing work and actually sat there with her network on the screen and mine next to her and went through every little setting and switched it back to normal. You would think there would be like some sort of reset and you wouldn’t have to do it manually. But we did it!
And I’m happily back on Toshiba, baby computer. That other computer just does not feel the same! I think the brand new battery I got a couple months ago makes me not anxious about it just dying and the cord issue. But I know that if I let it go and let it go it will just get worse so yeah should probably do something about it soon. But not today.
Talked to Robbie for awhile. He has to do some comedy podcast on the tenth. Someone reads his essay, a comedy one which he writes that well. But they need him to do like silly antics during it even though he doesn’t want to. Like totally hates it. I wonder if he’s geting paid. If he’s not then I’d say sorry se ya, I have to get ready to go to FL to see my chocolate man!
I’ll miss him over christmas. But Friedman can be soo draining I know that firsthand. And he deserves to spend time chillaxing with a sexy guy who I guess he’d marry if they were in the same state. As long as I get to be the flower girl!
So yeah as you can tell I’m doing much better. Just good to get my thoughts out. Hoping for a relaxing weekend with no computer issues.


2 thoughts on “Very stressful day: internet issues, no Jonathan today

  1. a tiny bit random, well, thing! Categories are like chapters of your blog whereas tags are like, well, subchapters! Try to limit the tags to things you will use over and over again so people can find stuff. For example, like, category, book reviews. Tags. audiobooks, romance. see? LOL

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