good Saturday: Got a present from a certain Robbie and geting an ASL interpreter for May, and wanting to talk to deaf mental health workers

So today was good. No internet issues yay!
This afternoon I got a present from a certain bestie/ big brother (even though he’s technecally younger!). I was gonna wait til christmas and asked his thoughts but he said I could open it tonight!
But found that out like a half hour ago and it’s geting late so will do it tomorrow. I know what it is though! A victor stream. So sammy has a new piece of technology to learn we’ll see how many years it takes to learn how to like turn it on and make it play something!
So I’m really happy about that!
Was talking with my deaf friend today and found out that they never brought an interpreter in for here at albany! I knew they pritty much rarely did, but I thought they brought them in for Dr. appointments but no! She said she’s never had one. I feel like that’s not even legal.
She can’t participate in groups or really connect with anyone in a way that truly works if the person doesn’t know ASL it’s that simple. I’m learning more and more about deaf people, in general and ASL is vital for them. It’s even more important than braille is to a blind person. A blind person doesn’t have to use braille to understand things. There’s audio and other things. A deaf person has to use ASL to have an actual quality conversation. I don’t think there’s anything I can even compare the importance of ASL to in the blind world.
So I’m sitting here like huh? Ok there has to be something we can do! But I have no idea what. Jonathan is usually fixing problems before they even become problems so why the hold up as in refusal on this? He can sign but even he says not fluently. Other staff learn while they’re here she currently has two that are okish. But other people just think signing is like this weird thing that they really don’t have the time to even figure out. They have an alphabet chart on their wall and they probably look at it when they’re bored and waiting to go home! It just kills me. And I will never understand what it’s like to be deaf but I understand what it’s like to be blind and not have stuff I need to be equal someplace. And this is just nuts like I said it’s her living environment. So yeah Sammy’s on a rant about this mostly because I feel like at least Jonathan is educated enough to know this is not right. I mean he had a deaf GF she and other deaf residents have been here for awhile. Her since 2011. So like I said what’s the hold up? Yes I know it’s $50 an hour. But I don’t know who pays. But couldn’t they compromise? like have it be for a few hours once or twice a week when she has the most important things to do or want to do? I mean something is better than nothing. And hopefully something can be a starting point.
The other option I have which I hate because she’s my other best friend here and being near her brightens my day, but if they’re gonna just totally resist this then if I were her I’d want to go to a deaf program. Or some other place that will provide interpreters. I wish I knew this was going on months ago.
So anyway that was exhausting to find out about. No wonder she’s depressed and ends up in the psych unit so much she probably likes it there because they have interpreters! She did actually kind of say that once.
Speaking of I think I fixed the indeed job listing so that I can get applicants in. Some of which will hopefully know ASL.
On this topic, does anyone work or know someone who works in mental health who’s deaf? I’m sick of hearing this can’t happen (a deaf person working here or elsewhere with almost all hearing people) and want to hear about how it can. And figure it out so I can make a case for people hiring to at least give this person that time of day.


One thought on “good Saturday: Got a present from a certain Robbie and geting an ASL interpreter for May, and wanting to talk to deaf mental health workers

  1. I’ve never heard of a deaf person working in mental health but I don’t see why they couldn’t, if a blind person can be a case manager or mental health support worker why couldn’t a deaf person be one too? I hope you find someone who can help with this. xxx

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