Good sunday: Christmas shopping browsing, got new victor player! more on helping May

Hey everyone,
Had a great day today! Was very productive. Have gotten some great feedback from people I talked with last night around the interpreter issue so thanks you know who you are!
I have a lot of options of ways to pursue this. It’s really staff’s responsibility and why they haven’t gone down these roads with providing equal services to deaf residents I don’t know. But Sammy’s on it! I’ll go as far as I can go with it without pushing boundaries (too much, LOL). I think just knowing someone is in her corner is so good for May. Speaking of she brought Jess and I really good sugar cookies today! She also got a new boogie board tablet thing and I’m about as happy about that as the cookies! Well to be honest the cookies come first but yeah!
She knew it too. I texted after saying how hungry I had been and she’s like I’m your hero LOL! She says really cute things as english is her second language so now I call her the cookie hero! She said good to know.
So anywayhave a lot to do on the May resources front which I’ll start on monday. Robbie was awesome and tested the indeed job add to be sure it works! Why I’m not geting applicants is beyond me. Because it does work. I guess you have to pay to get it to the top of the page but I’ll just keep spreading the link like crazy. The people I’ve talked to and myself, are in agreement that the best solution for  deaf residents, is to have a fluent ASL speakingg caseworker. The problem, and it shouldn’t be a problem, we’ve run into is the applicants I’ve seen are deaf themselves. And people here have a hangup on not even looking into the matter. Ya know giving the person the courtisy of a conversation. I would love to talk to anyone who’s deaf in mental healthcare and works in a predominantely hearing setting. I’d like that perspective. I’m tired of hearing that it can’t work.
So in addition to all that am trying to get my mental health book group running. We’re discussing mental health and disability related books of any catagory like fiction nonfiction ETC. We’ve started initial discussion and might start discussing a Joid picoult book.
Would love more members on this too.
So then Jess and I started playing with the victor player! Which is all shiney and has that new plastic smell! Jess liked playing with it for awhile. She also liked the brand new earbuds because I can’t stand those. I have to figure out how to put books on there which Robbie gave me pointers on. He wants me to actually read up and listen to tutorials on it and I said he’s better than anything that’s already out there!
Am trying to do a bit of christmas shopping for a certain bestie. Stuff is so expensive though! Like snacks are like $10 and over! I do have some money saved not a huge amount at all but specifically for this. So I’ll work more on that tomorrow. Just doing some initial looking.
I spent some time with my braillesense hooked up to my ipod and reading a kindle book by Maggie Hartley the new foster carer I reviewed recently. So that was great.
Othher than that not much happening. I feel like I have more than enough to keep me busy. It’s probably annoying to others but I love having like five different projects going at once!


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