Having upset stomach from not eating killed my day

If you’re in my head you know that I usually always have ten million things going on at once.
Last night it felt more than usual. For some reason I kept running through the handful of signs I know trying to remember ones that Edith and I went over but that I just never got the chance to keep practicing. Then I was thinking about Kat and this whole nightmare of communication and why the hell can’t we get an ASL fluent PRSC, and so what if they’re totally deaf we need to tear down this wall of “I’m sorry we just can’t ever imagine doing that,” and on and on.
I was physically exhausted but my mind just kept goingg. So I read for awhile and believe it or not Jess slept through. I thought for sure she was gonna get up any minute.
I eventually did sleep and had a good nap in the morning but I still was pritty tired.
Sometimes lunch sucks, well like all the food does. But sometimes I can have a fruit plate or some other nothing type thing and be fine and other times just not. I had potatos that were good and ones I usually eat, green beans that looking back might have had onions or something in them that could be part of it, bannana and ice cream vanilla yay!
We have like no snacks. Beginning of the month and everything need to do our walmart trip. So anyway I was up here deciding what out of the thousand (more like three) projects I wanted to do. Try online shopping for a certain online journalist, try to work my victor player which I still haven’t figured out, read (on my kindle, audio or braillenote,) try to put the linked in job post more places and probably something else.
I atacked the player. Actually sat and read directions! it was groundbreaking! I got book files on the player I just couldn’t find them.
Then at like one thirty two I felt really sick and weak. I’ve gone through this ten million times. Usually I have more than a couple packs of two grham crackers each I ate that and of course that wasn’t enough.
You can actually be sick to your stomach with nothing in your stomach. Except that ya know, nothing comes out not to be gross, so you never feel better.
Eventually I just lay there hoping if I didn’t move at all I’d feel better. I didn’t want to take a nap but did. I woke up still feeling bad but less weak.
I was happy to learn after rent that I actually had a little extra money at the moment! My mom put some in and I hadn’t checked at the time. Still I hate spending money. Jess convinced me,, with the help of Jonathan the tiger, to order out. So we did. And like magic I felt better after pizza and water. And pepto for my stomach. I’m glad Jess and I have each other, and other residents hopefully have someone, even if they have weird relationships. Because if you’re not feeling well staff don’t like give you a hug or even like remember to ask how you are. And by staff I mean the nurse. Not every time and it depends which nurse and what’s going on. At least they give you the stomach med without a huge ordeal. Practically everything else you need a doctor’s order for even like advil.
But anyway after dinner talked to my mom for awhile. She had a very frustrating trip to boston where she waited two hours after her appointment to be told by the Dr. that her MRI is confusing because she’s feeling pain in the wrong place? so his neurosurgion has to have a look and get back to him. Why they couldn’t have done this over the phone and why the two hour wait I don’t know.
She’s packing up and selling stuff. Big cabinets she no longer uses like 200 cds. We were talking about how much we spent on cds. But I was like how did we know back then there was gonna be ipods and all these other things? Anyway she’s a consigner so she knows the ins and outs of geting money off junk. So hopefully she’ll get some more money for the Sammy and Jess snack fund LOL!
But anyway I’m glad I finally feel better. But that took all afternoon! I’m behind schedule LOL! Not that I was ever organized today. Hopefully I’ll get a better night’s sleeep tonight and be fresh for tomorrow.

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