Internet back and May update

Hi everyone,
So today went well all things considered very well when it comes to the connection I made around Mays care.
I of course had a very hard time sleeping last night. All I could think was how was she coping? The good thing is  the hospital does have a very disability friendly environment with interpreters and everything.
I just keept thinking and hoping we can find something that works for her.
So after my much needed morning nap Jess was messing with my ipod when she saw the mail icon start loading! Jonathan had brought the internet guy over and they fixed it! I guess we’re gonna be needing a new router soon. Which it’s been a couple years and residents flat out abuse these computers and I’m sure kill it with downloads and viruses and stuff. Robbie go give computer lessons LOL!
So I was able to finally download my e-mail which was mostly a whole lot of junk.
Took down the number for the hospital  May is at and when we got to Jess’s school I called it. Jess was taking a final.
I’ve called the psychiatric unit before. They’re extremely nice. First I said who I was looking for. At times she’s been at other hospitals so though I acted confident that I knew she was there I was anxious he’d say we don’t have a patient by that name and I’d be stuck. But he knew who she was. I asked about whether she could use the video phone if they had one, or if an interpreter could come to the phone (don’t know if they actually do that? ( but I was all confident.
The guy was nice and said he’d have her counselor who was doing groups call back and try to get  her on the phone somehow. I did then ask if I could talk to someone regarding her care and discharge planning.
So I was handed to this awesome social worker! This guy was amazing. He’s comitted to finding the best place for her  to deal with her physical condition as well as accessibility for the  deaf. The doctor is also promising they won’t discharge her to the streets which is a relief.

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