TuesdayBoring day: No internet again! but have victor player working and thoughts on Stephanie meeting

So obveously people are not gonna see this til tomorrow. Hopefully it’s tomorrow. Like tomorrow morning! But somehow I doubt it. The internet went down again today. Really bad. Jess woke up for meds at five and it was out. We finally tracked down Mr. J and he reset it a couple times. Said he was gonna call his “guy” this techy named Nick who always saves us, and that he’d be able to look at the server remotely. Well he either couldn’t figure it out or Jonathan got busy and couldn’t call him. I’m surprised that more people aren’t screaming at his office because we’re on the same server as the computer lab. Like I’m surprised Kat isn’t pounding on the door right now saying she’s bored. And sitting on my bed for exactly like two minutes straight before pacing around, asking for snacks or money and then running off. I actually wouldn’t mind a visit. Maybe one day I’ll lure her with food and say I’ll give her snack but she has to sit with me and work on signing. I wish Nai were here. Nai would just come up and grab Kat’s hand and just start signing away and totally shock her.
Anyway see I’m so bored I’m like going off in all directions! I did have important stuff I wanted to do today. Like online shopping which I couldn’t do yesterday because of a certain weak episode. And do all my networking like working on the mental health review site, promoting my mental health book club list, trying to spread the job add that’s being difficult and not pulling in any candidates for me.
But I couldn’t do that. So I’ve been reading. I’m really pleased with myself for figuring out how to hook up the ipod and braille sense. I can do it pritty quickly like it takes me ten minutes maybe to hook up and it used to take like a half hour. I still don’t know the key strokes to power the ipod from the braillenote itself. So I dogeting to a book in kindle through the touch screen which at least now I can do without really thinking about it. But then I turn down the volume til I can’t hear the stupid voiceover robot voice anymore and just read. I’m really geting into a maggie Hartley book.
But then the braillesense needed charging. So I switched to pushing buttons on the victor player. Over the past couple days I’ve tried with that thing. Like I said I even sat and tried to read the directions. But it kept telling me all this stuff about online storage areas when I just wanted to find like the main folder you keep books in. Yesterday afternoon I did manage to get some books in there from the computer before I got weak but then couldn’t find them. Well around four I went from rereading something on my braillenote to pushing buttons again and I got to the right place! Don’t ask me how! It can’t hold a lot of books only three but I guess the books are long and it’s not like a computer LOL. But they’re all never been read. So I started listening to a Cathy Glass one I hadn’t read yet.
So I’m busy just really fed up with this internet. I feel worst for Jess because she has a quiz tomorrow and might have to work in the little theatre. Which is this well theater type room like a movie theater with a big TV to entertain all the zoned out residents. I’d love to turn it into an expressive arts studio so we could hire some awesome art therapists, music therapists, and dance therapists well one of each and they’d rotate. Get some major therapy going! But they don’t have the money. Anyway right now that place is so annoying they have the sound up super high and it’s this ME tv which is like shows from way back when. Like old old shows like about cops that think they’re all that and people living out in the days of the country riding horses and talking like they’re from the south. So I doubt it will be very quiz helpful in there but at least she won’t be going out in the cold walking to the libarrary.
Anyway the only thing I’m kinda worried about is my stephanie meeting tomorrow. I was gonna ask Kat what she thought of Anna who’s her PRSC. Because I was thinking if Stephanie just keeps not seeing me I might want to change to someone more available. But in any case I am gonna call her on the missed meetings. Really ask her straight out what in the world ya know? I mean it can’t be every week she gets so busy she can’t meet witha bunch of her residents right? I mean she says she gets tied up and everything but I know like a huge amount of her residents do see her and she walks around talking with different people and I hear her walk right past my room and she never stops by. I know we had a couple meetings after that big one where I told her she was being super clinical and she seemed to settle down and talk like a normal person. And then it’s like I feel like I haven’t seen her since then.
So I want a good answer or something. But then I was thinking, and this isn’t right even if it is true, but maybe she can so easily like excuse our meetings because I’m not giving her stuff to do. A lot of residents are always in crisis, or like Jess goes to school so her PRC keeps an eye on her with that, or residents want cigarettes or changes to their behavioral plans or whatever. And it’s been awhile since I’ve given anyone anything to do. I think I gave stephanie one thing to do once but I forget what it is. Anyway Anixter center is this huge warehouse in the northside of Chicago. It’s got all these programs for different disabilities. Nothing blind specific. But they have deaf and I asume then deafblind services. Ya know what they call it? The Chicago Hearing societty. Seriously it should be called the deaf society. Anyway I want her to call them and stay on the phone til she gets someone to believe her that yes her blind resident does want to learn sign language and yes this can happen. Or if that doesn’t work she can call them and see if there’s some kind of program I can go to. Just something to get out for a few hours. Like help at the front desk answer phones, it’s a place for disabilities I would hope that would include me. So that’s her assignment. And hopefully an assignment will be what she needs to keep on track. I just hope she listens. But then I kind of hope she doesn’t and we argue and I say se ya don’t wanabe ya I’m geting a new PRC! Because I’m just tired of her. My mom doesn’t know much about mental healthcare but even she was shocked. Especially after how good Edith was with me. So we’ll just have to see. Hopefully I can write right away after the meeting assuming we have internet!
Well I’ve rambled on long enough so bye for tonight.


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