My saturday: Shopping, help with room stuffand chillaxingg

Hey everyone,
So can finally catch up and talk about my actual day today. Got a great night’s sleep probably was exhausted! Plus geting the   May story straightened out was a huge weight off my chest, in one way at least.
So got up and dide stuff. Like facebook listened to some of a cathy glass book just hung out. Jonathan was amazing and planned to have PRSCs check on me today more specifically Anna who is one of the newer (she’s been here for months,) ones.
She came right on time something she should teach Stephanie! I asked what she wanted to do first go to the store or sort out stuff in the room. She said store before it snows.
It was really nice actually geting a walk in the cold air. The dry heat in this place is a killer.
Here’s what I got: cinamon rolls, honey bunns, ritz crackers, orios and an ice cream bar! Wanted to steal the little individual candys by the cash register but would be embarrased cause I’d get caught and people would think I was acting like I’m five or something. Which I secretly am five, Just ask Jess!
Anyway so got home. Needed to change my bed hadn’t done it in forever and Jess and I were gonna do it this weekend. Had a slight panic when the sheets weren’t where they usually are and we couldn’t find new pillow cases or the old not fitted sheet to wash or new pillowcases. But we just washed what was there including the pillowcases, put the new sheets on and was done with it. She did my blankets different from Jess but it’s still amazing. She was a CNA before working here. So she enjoys this stuff. She says she should be called a PRCNA LOL!
But I even said thanks soo much for coming because the other CNAS would have forgot or left by now! She’s like of course they would!
She also put my laundry in and hung out on that floor and like made sure it was done good. And brought it back and made sure everything was put away and that I absolutely didn’t need anything else before she left.
It was great but after she left I was kinda sad because there’s a huge difference between geting care from a staff and an actual friend. And if I hadn’t met Jess or Kat I would just have help from staff all the time and no friends here. And believe me Anna is exceptional. The reason Jess gladly helps with things, well one is she actually likes doing laundry! She does not like cleaning (we might have the rug shampooed while she’s gone LOL,) but because the CNAS were literally not doing their job. They’d forget to do anything we asked including take me to meals and back or help with anything. Then nursing threw a fit that Jess was doing the stuff. Jonathan had to calm everyone down. It took forever.
But yeah we just need a bunch of Ana clones. Her and Edith! Miss her so much.
But anyway other than that. Someone uploaded some movies to drop box I really wanted to see. One is the broken cord about a father who adopts a son with FASD except it was this totally new thing at that time. Another is about an autistic boy learning to communicate through typing. Which is common now with the aps and everything but this was the 90s so yeah! So that’s kept me occupied.
Talked to my parents. So that was cool. They listened about Kat and Jess and said they couldn’t wait to hear good news on either.
Anytime I wasn’t keeping myself busy I would think about well both my friends not here and one never coming back and just cry silently.
So yeah over all good day. Just have to get through three more til tuesday at least which is the five day mark. But I’m hoping Jess and Dr. Fyass don’t rush this. I really want her to be doing good when she’s coming home.
More fun times with Sammy tomorrow!


One thought on “My saturday: Shopping, help with room stuffand chillaxingg

  1. So nursing actually through a fit, huh? LOL. You know, they really should have caught on by now to be honest. I mean, who do they think that helps with stuff? Them? Nutty, don’t ya think?

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