Part two of yesterday: Jess in the hospital

Hi again,
So most of yesterday was taken up with me trying to find/ writing/ calling places around the   May situation.
The other part was around Jess. She’s actually done excillent on the hospitalization front. Didn’t realize til I checked my journal where I write everything! But she hasn’t had a hospitalization since March or a crisis needing observation since May.
And she’s gone through these two semesters of school brilliantly!
She had been a bit grumpier than usual this week which is usually about anxiety believe it or not. For it comes out agitated and angry/ irritated.
She had been taking her m max amount of PRN a day which was twice. Mine is every six hours and I don’t need it as much as her maybe we should switch LOL!
But anyway that’s a huge red flag when she’s taking it twice.
So she had no idea that Dr. Fyazz was coming in Friday. Which is so annoying. About the worst thing than not being put on the Dr. list is being put on and not knowing it!
But it was a good thing she came because they probably would have called her.
She went down there and came back up. Her caseworker was with her. And she was with her all morning so I knew it was some crisis. I just didn’t know if she’d be hospitalized or not.
So she was. Guess she got an express trip out because the Dr. just calls the hospital and it bypasses paperwork. I didn’t find out for sure til almost four. I was not a happy girl. I sent Jonathan hate mail. I was like I hate you you’re insane! I’m moving out with Jess!
But he came up and calmed me down in like five minutes and then we talked and laughed for an hour! Well not really we talked about everything that went on yesterday which was quite a lot.
So yeah that was my friday was very happy it was over!
But I’m glad she went in. I really like that Dr. Fyazz doesn’t hospitalize over nothing. Like my past two psychs did. And I know she was maxed out on one of her meds zoloft I think. So they’re gonna have to figure that out.
Plus I think stress of finals and like my mom pointed out just the time of year.
So I’m flying solo as Jonathan says!

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