Heard from Jess she’s doing ok

Hey everyone,
So today was really good. The best part was geting a fb mesage from Jess that she was ok. She asked if I was mad at her and I said no way just really concerned.
It turns out on friday that she had been planning to talk with her caseworker about things. Since the Dr. was there they all talked. And decided she should go in as the Dr. was on vacation like that day.
She’s really needed the rest this weekend from all the anxiety and things that built up over the week. Which is one reason why it’s taken a couple days. Another is they don’t allow computer time every single day.
We talked for a good twenty minutes. She was her Jess self telling me to eat dinner and not just all my snacks! She couldn’t even bring her carebear with her so I’m officially babysitting.
Since it’s a covering doctor it might take a bit longer to get her meds straightened out. But I do want her to come home with med adjustments as that’s one point of going in. She’s at the highest dose for zoloft and I have no idea how they handle this. Some say take it out completely which would be a killer for her, or add something else so we’ll see.
I’m just so relieved she’s ok and that what happened friday wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it could have been. I’m also glad she and  May are keeping each other company.
We’ll see what the week brings. I certainly don’t want to have her rush home that’s for certain! In addition to meds she really does need help accessing her emotions/ thoughts not just intelectually but experientally/ creatively. This is where a program that used process groups and expressive arts would be way better than worksheet central at most other programs. I really think art therapy could benifit her. Even dance/movement therapy.
Well anyway that’s really all on this for now. Just so relieved she’s ok.


One thought on “Heard from Jess she’s doing ok

  1. its so good she wasn’t in for too long and that now she is accessing a therapist to deal with things. I hope she finds her useful and is able to stay out of the hospital now for a while. xxx

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