The rest of my sunday: worked with Robbie on computer and lost favorite rock for good!

So the rest of the day kept me busy and distracted. I really need new headphones. As in can’t use those anymore too much sharp plastic sticking out. However the speakers on the toshiba don’t work very well without headphones. They like shut off every couple minutes. So this is basically why I finally changed back to HP.
This morning backed up some stuff. Though didn’t need to back up a whole lot. Robbie and I just needed to put in total recorder and do my e-mail account as it wasn’t logging in.
However to do that since he can’t see the screen anymore we needed NVDA remote. We soon realized that NVDA wasn’t updating. It’s because Avast thought that NVDA was a virus. As it’s totally inaccessible you would need someone to temporarily disable avast and then download what we need and turn it on again. That will be a project for Jess and I.
But this took awhile to piece together. It’s weird for us both but I’m sure worst for Robbie to be doing tech support with no vission as he’s had sight to use the computer all his life.
So anyway next was total recorder. I installed it only to find out the key he had was for the professional addition. Then he installed this more accessible cleaning thing for the computer that had an uninstall option. So we got that going. Will get the total recorder tomorrow.
E-mail also was easier than I thought. Removing and adding the account was good and I did it myself.
But it took leget all day I can’t believe I kept him on all that time!
If anyone has any ideas for antivirus programs that are just as good if not better than avast would love to know! Robbie has like all the resources out there and can’t really find anything with the same strength. And I need a very good free program.
Anyway randomly at dinner it was so chaotic. Because there was all new kitchen staff who didn’t know what they were doing. So the CNAS were going crazy. I had my favorite rock like always. I have it out even when I eat. To stay busy and not get even more anxious. I can just zone out playing with it. Thought I put it in my pocket going upstairs. But after bath discovered it wasn’t anywhere and yes I checked my clothes and bed! The last time I remember it was downstairs and by the time I told staff they said the dining room had been cleaned so yeah! Any old rock can not just be my favorite. So yeah upset. CNA was like well if it’s your favorite why do you take it everywhere and not keep it in your room? I’m like because I need it LOL
Anyway today turned out to be super productive and good. Hoping to hear good Jess updates, and positive Kat options every day.


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