Down day

Hi everyone,
So today has been kinda down for me. I got my period which does not help. I keep telling myself at least it won’t be bothering me on christmas!
So because of all that I did take my morning nap much needed. Really didn’t want to go to meals today as it would have been two fruit plates! And with the two elavators and the big one down it’s a nightmare going anywhere. Nisha brtought up juice and ice cream.

In the afternoon spent time trying to load my e-mail on to the HP computer. I have so much that it always freezes and loses what was downloading on there so that took awhile.

The organization I volunteer for has so many people from so many different states that they have organized a bunch of meetups specially for today
I asked if we could have a videochat one for people with disabilities who for whatever reason can’t leave the house or feel uncomfortable with it. The person said yes right away and was so excited. I was too. This would be the first time I’d be able to really talk to the people I’ve worked with for over a year. As I also missed their conference.
So it turns out they used a site called blue jeans never heard of it! If any a/t people have please let me know!
So I went to download the ap and of course it’s totally inaccessible. I can hit a comand to hear what’s on the screen even if I can’t access the buttons and of course I can’t tried so many ways.
I’m not sure if there’s another way to just go on the site itself and not just this ap thing.
I feel bad about this. Like I was the one who started this so no one would feel left out. And I’m the one left out.
But then I feel like I should have been prepared for this and asked about the site and tried it earlier in the day to be sure it worked. I just thought they would use skype or hangoutts. But it’s not their responsibility to automatically know if something is accessible. So it was my mistake too.
In other news Jess is doing ok. Not sure I like the coverage doctor. Has anyone ever heard of taking anything higher than 200 MG of zoloft. As far as I knew that was the max dose. What you do after a med has reached a max dose I don’t know. So this guy says you can go over 200 to four hundred or even six hundred! He says these are for OCD cases but she doesn’t have that.
He claims he doesn’t want her to go off it because it’s the only med that doesn’t interact negatively with other meds. Which is total crap of course!
She is geting a med for her weight that I hope helps. They say it won’t interact with anything but you never know. I don’t trust this dude! Because she’s weighing up her options he hasn’t made any med changes yet.
I do feel med changes are very important in her case because it’s basically her only treatment.
He recommened psychotherapy for at least a year. But she struggles so much with opening up even to herself. That we don’t know what would actually work.
So lots of unknowns and like I told her I want her to take her time and hopefully things will get sorted out.
It still is extremely lonely. No PRSC check in today. Not that I’d want any. Nisha was the only staff who even cared about whether I ate lunch or not. They didn’t ask about dinner which truly was fine I would have skipped out anyway.
So yeah hoping tomorrow is better. That online video chat thing really got me down. Most of all because it was my idea. I do feel responsible for not checking accessibility sooner or asking her sooner than the night before. I thought for sure she’d say no. Anyway will talk to you later.


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